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Friends and associates eulogize Muiz Banire @ 50

‘Banire inspires people a lot’ – BOSUN JEJE, Former Commissioner for Housing Lagos state

When did your path and that of Dr Muiz Banire cross?



I have known Banire for over a decade. We met when he was going to become a commissioner during Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s tenure as governor of Lagos. I was a businessman and he was a lecturer. Being a lawyer, he actually inspired me to become a lawyer too. He made me realize that I should be a lawyer to my businesses and I never regretted listening to his advice.

He is an inspiring friend. He made me see the good things in life. The way he drew me to law was the way he drew me to politics. He actually asked me to join politics. He told me if I really believed in bringing sanity to the society, I would not sit on the fence. I should be part of the system. I am glad that I did. Banire inspired people a lot politically, he has lifted many people up.

I remember my commissionership in 2007. He single handedly took me to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He told him that this is the man that contested for House of Representatives and Asiwaju looked at my resume. He instantly offered me special adviser to him.

Banire asked him if you make this man a special adviser, who will be your commissioner? Asiwaju instantly again changed the special adviser to commissioner. I owe him (Banire) a lot of appreciation for what he has done. We’ve been good friends.

So, what will you wish him on his 50th birthday?

I wish him the best and what he wishes himself. I welcome him to the league of elders. I will also like to tell him that he should slow down. He is a restless human being.


‘He’s a humble man’ – HON. FUNMILAYO TEJUOSO

When and how did your path and that of Dr Muiz Banire cross each other?

FUNMILAYO TEJUOSO 1-Fullscreen capture 6132016 112211 AMWe met through politics in 1998. Very humble man. A complete gentleman, very accommodating. He cares about the progress of his fellow human beings. He is a friend in deed and a friend in need. He stands with you through thick and thin.

We’ve grown to be very good friends and family friend.

Has he in anyway impacted on your life?

A lot. In politics, he has always supported me, I always say that it’s by God grace that I am where I am but also with his (Banire) support.

He has not only supported me in my political career, he has also supported me in my academics. He is the one guiding me on to finish my Ph.D programme. He is worth celebrating.

So, what do you wish him on his 50th birthday?

I wish him every good thing that he wishes himself. I pray that God blesses him abundantly exceeding his imagination. I wish him a very happy birthday. I welcome him to the golden age.


‘Dr Banire is always available’ – MR. KUNLE ADEGOKE, Head,  M. A. Banire & Associates Chamber

For how long have you been with Dr Muiz Banire?

I met him first as a student in the University of Lagos in 1995. He taught me a number of courses in the university. He was a fantastic lecturer and a very brilliant mind. I became a graduate of law under his tutelage and I went to Law School. After that, we started a law firm together about 12 years ago.

How will you describe him?

It is not in all cases that you have a relationship between lecturer and student lasting this long. In any way you can think of it, Dr Banire is a selfless individual. He is somebody that wants everybody to succeed by all means. He is someone who is always available whether materially, physically, financially even spiritually.

What do you wish him on his 50th birthday?

In 50 years, I still want to see him around healthy, kicking and prosperous. He is someone, God has willed to make greater impact in the lives of Nigerians, not only in the profession but equally at the political arena.


‘Banire is a dedicated muslim’ – HON. BOLAJI YUSUF AYENLA



How and when did you meet Dr Muiz Banire?

I met him about 12 years ago. That was about three years after I came back from abroad. We met in the course of my political ambition. Dr. Banire has been a good and dependable friend. I cannot deny it, he has been of tremendous help in my political career.

He is a reliable ally. He is someone who is always willing to do things for people. He is a motivator. He motivates people not to give up in the face of difficulties. He is a dedicated muslim. He prays five times daily. He goes to Umrrah regularly. He has reached the age of an elder now. He should behave the way elders behave.

I wish him all the best and I pray that God will continue to bless him, empower him to be able to do the best for his immediate community and the society at large.

Once more, I congratulate him on his attainment of the golden age. I also want to extend my congratulatory message to his wife, my sister, Mrs. Funmilayo Banire. I thank her for standing by him and being a good mother to his children.


‘MY OGA IS A VERY FASTIDIOUS PERSON…’ – John Obute – Banire’s longest serving aide

When and how did your path and that of Dr Muiz Banire cross?

I have known Dr Banire since 1999 or there about.

What was the circumstance of your meeting him?

He is my political father and I later worked with him as his Personal Assistant from 2003 to 2011 when he was Commissioner for Transport and later that of Environment.

How will you describe him?

My oga is a very fastidious person but also very caring and compassionate. If you are lazy, you cannot work with him.

Has he in any way impacted your life?

Not only impacting my life, he transformed me. He has made me to always have positive attitude towards every difficult situation. He does not believe that anything is impossible and that has helped me personally.

What do you wish him on his 50th birthday?

I wish him every good thing he wishes himself. I wish him God’s blessings, protection and guidance. I wish him long life and prosperity. His children will flourish and grow bigger than him in his life time.


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