Friends or Foes to expose immorality In Nollywood

Burgeoning actress, Belinda Effah, light-skinned actress, Daniella Okeke and Jojo Charry dazzle in a new blockbuster movie, Friends or Foes. Produced by Dabz Movie Production, the producer of Island Babes, 2nd Honeymoon and Misplaced Desire, it was shot in Lagos.

Creatively directed by Chinedu Ejike Obim, it has enthralling scenes to keep movie-buffs on the tip of their seats till fade, following the professional hands applied through the course of the shoot.

This movie which probes deeply into variety of issues ravaging the make-believe-industry, according to the producer, Dabby Chimere was written based on true life story, which, however, brought absolute realness to the storyline.

“We centred it on four beautiful career ladies; a producer, an upcoming musician, A-list actress and an alleged celebrity stylist. In fact, it’s a controversial true life story based on lies, deceit and betrayal. The question that will be left in the minds of viewers would be, if the four ladies are friends or foes; and that’s where suspense will come in.”

Interestingly, since the trailer of Friends or Foes came online, it has continued to receive huge traffic making it the delight of most movie-buffs even before the release of the flick.



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