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The Nigerian hip hop scene has got a new set of twins, threatening to take over from where their illustrious role models, the highly successful PSquare left off and they are known quite simply as FTK.

Born and bred in the commercial capital of the country, Lagos, the gangling identical singers have demonstrated readiness to dominate the scene in few decades with the release of a number of singles and videos which are currently enjoying immense airplay on the Nigerian airwaves.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the duo about their music, background, formula for success and more…


What kind of music do you make?

We are hip hop artistes. For now, we are focusing on hip hop, but that is not to say that we can’t do something else, we’ll try our hands on something else later.

How did you come about your stage name, FTK?

FTK is an acronym of our names actually. It means Falobi Taiwo and Kehinde. We opted to stick with our names when we decided to take music professionally.

How easy was it for you guys to convince your parents to support your music career?

Funny enough, our dad was really supportive once he saw that we were serious about pursuing a career in music. Before then, we had to source some money to do studio sessions on our own. So, when we came back with samples of our recordings, he was convinced and he’s been our pillar of support ever since.

We have hundreds of up and coming artistes emerging every day in Nigeria, how do you plan to get to the top in an already saturated scene?

First, by God’s grace, we know we are going to be successful. We believe so much in hard work. It is when we started that we realized that music is not as easy as it might seem to people out there. We have to do voice trainings, we’re learning to play some instruments, we have to do recording sessions. There is a lot of hard work that goes into the process and we are prepared to give our best. We will keep working on ourselves in terms of personal development and we have a good management too.

How many singles do you have at the moment?

We have four singles that are doing so very well and we are very encouraged by the response. We have Assassin, which is a love song, then I don craze is a dance song that people like so much. We also have Shakky Bum Bum and Ise Oluwa.

What’s your education background?

We are still undergraduates of Babcock University. We are studying Mass Communication.

Apart from music, what would you have loved to do?

We like acting too, and we also play football. We’re very good footballers.


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