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FUEL STILL SELLS ABOVE N87 PER LITRE (3) – Nigerians bitter for non-compliance by some filling stations

Despite the order by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) that no filling station should sell fuel above N87 per litre, some are still not compliant as fuel still goes as high as N120 per litre in some filling stations.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on the ugly situation called for the arrest and prosecution of the owners of the stations.


‘I still buy it at N87’


I bought petrol for N87 at one Conoil filling station around where I work. There was queue but I don’t think it had anything to do with scarcity or anything like that. Rather, I think it was because it was rush hour and you know there’ll be a lot of people who want to buy at the same time. Aside that, I am hoping we don’t have another fuel crisis like we did in May this year.


‘There’s fuel everywhere now’


There’s fuel everywhere now, I think. I have not had to queue or pay more than N87 per litre. All the filling stations that used to sell higher than N87 saw that nobody was buying from them, came back to their senses and started selling at N87.


‘People are still buying petrol above N87 per litre’


Yes, people are still buying petrol above N87 per litre. It depends on the filling station. I learnt the excuse some of them are giving is the cost of transportation varies. I think the Federal Government should address this first before penalizing those who are yet to comply with the official price.


‘It’s not possible to think that all petrol filling stations will sell fuel at the same rate’


It’s not possible to think that all petrol filling stations will sell fuel at the same rate. That’s why up till now, some of them are still selling above N87 per litre. In my area, it’s N100 but they usually display N87 per litre at the entrance of the station.

I think the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) should send out its monitoring team to go round all the filling stations to identify those who are still defiant. Such people should be dealt with.




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