Fuji hip hop act, Eazy Lizzy explains reasons she did a song for Ambode

Fuji hip-hop star, Taiwo Elizabeth Olapeju, popularly known as Eazy Lizzy, had a chat with ENCOMIUM weekly where she spoke on the challenges of her career and her love for politics.

We have not heard much of your songs, what has been happening with Easy Lizzy’s music career?

I am taking my time. I have been going through a lot of challenges for three years, so if I am coming out now, I want to make sure I get it right. I am putting all necessary structure in place so as to come out on the right platform because I am rebranding. I will be shooting my next video this month. When people see the video they will know there is difference, that this is not the Easy Lizzy they used to know.

Eazy LizyWhat are the challenges you are facing?

I don’t have to list them. Naturally, everybody faces challenges. At a point, you will realise that it is not by working hard alone. It may be physical, emotional or financial challenge. As a musician, I am aware the competition is very high, every Tom, Dick and Harry just jumps into music now.

Was it because of challenges with your career, you decided to join the Ambode political train?

I didn’t just get on board the political train now, right from time I have always had political trait in me. My late father was a politician, which has influenced me as his child. I saw this as a platform to relaunch my career. I didn’t just wake up and decided to join the political campaign team, I am not an opportunist.

Why did you decide to do a single track to campaign for Ambode?

I chose to go for Ambode because he will be our next governor, based on the performance of the past and present APC governor’s achievement. We have to focus on the arrow head. My next single is going to be a national song. This is just to tell you how versatile I can be. My next single is entitled, Nigeria and when it comes to Nigeria, we can’t focus on an individual. But because my father was an active member of the APC, that was why I did the song for Ambode.

So, your father influenced you to join APC?

Yes. Assuming my father wasn’t a politician, I don’t think I would pick interest in politics because I know how deadly politics can be. I don’t think I would have ever thought about politics or mingle with politicians if not for my dad. I contributed money to support my late father’s political ambition.

Are you likely to become a fulltime politician?

I actually studied Political Science in school. I know I have political abilities so, there is every possibility that I can become a politician in future but for now I want to face my music career.

How much were you paid to compose a campaign song for Ambode?

I wasn’t paid. I supported him because my father was a member of the party.

How much did you spend for the single for Ambode?

I can’t put figures together. At the campaign rally, I went with my dancers, my band, I customized my own shirts. I am not concerned about the money, I am concerned about the progress of the party.

But we hear musicians were paid?

Because of my foundation, I personally sponsored myself, I don’t know about other people. I also took the opportunity to showcase my talent.

Before you spend money on something, you must be expecting something in return. What are your expectations?

I have not been doing music for three years. I saw it as an avenue to relaunch myself. I am doing it for the party and also for myself. I saw it as a good platform.

What should we expect from Easy Lizzy?

I am in the studio now working on my single entitled Nigeria. I am working with the likes of Puffy T, JoEL. I am coming out rebranded.




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