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Fuji maestro, Adewale Ayuba speaks on his latest plans and new music

‘I’m digitalising Fuji music’

Bonsue-Fuji exponent, Dr Adewale Ayuba or Mr Johnson as some prefer to call him, is one innovative musician. His hi-tech instrumentation made fuji music hugely popular!

The Bonsue Fuji crooner has, in recent times, been working on changing the face of Fuji music by introducing track-based albums, unlike what is currently obtainable.

The golden boy tells us more about his recent plan in this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly.


What are you working on currently?

I’m still working on digitalizing fuji music; in about two or three months, the album should be out.

What is that about?

I want people to be playing fuji music at night clubs, that’s what was done to raggae music. They brought Bob Marley to America and digitalised raggae, now raggae is played all over the world. That’s what I’m trying to do.

So, the idea is making Fuji music more appealing…

(Cuts in) Yes, to make it more acceptable to the young ones. A lot of people believe you can’t play fuji music in disco hall (night clubs) because it drags on and on. And I thank God He is using me to bring about this change.

You’ve actually started doing this with a number of collaborations and hip hop tunes…

Yes, I thank God for that.

How big is this going to be?

It’s a big project! So much so that I’ll need to have my own studio, manned by an engineer that has ear for hip hop and RnB, combined with fuji music.

Why is fuji music not recognised at awards like other genres?

I got the African Grammys which is Kora Awards, The album I submitted with which I won the award was recorded in Germany, and it was a digital fuji album. If I had not done that, I shouldn’t be expecting the award. Fuji music is not digitalized enough, we do long versions of up to about 50 minutes, whereas everything should be in tracks. If you don’t track your songs, it would be difficult to rate you. That’s why fuji artistes are not usually part of awards.

A number of other fuji artistes are already towing this line, the likes of Pasuma…


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