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Fun spots become lifeless as recession worsens

The effect of recession on the country is getting out of hand as most small and medium scale enterprises are folding up daily, without any hope of reprieve.

Many fun spots in major cities across the country, especially Lagos have become lifeless as majority of fun seekers have withdrawn to their shells owing to the deepening effects of harsh times.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s checks revealed that the number of fun seekers patronizing club houses, joints and other fun spots has dropped drastically, leaving only few habitual ones. And this has crashed the target profit from such businesses and other allied businesses.

Also, in some cases, prices of drinks have been forced down by the sharp fall in demand generally since recession set in.

One of the fun seekers who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly anonymously confirmed the unpleasant situation, praying that the recession disappears before the second quarter of the year so that life could return at various fun spots across the country, especially Lagos.

“You don’t need to be told that there’s no life anywhere now, not only at fun spots where people relax after work. Now, no more relaxation, nothing is happening almost everywhere. The hospitality business is dull everywhere because most of us patronizing those centres have withdrawn due to lack of money occasioned by the poor economic condition of the country.  You can only see few people around now, and those are addicted fun lovers. Whether they have money or not, they will always visit fun places.

“One of the attractions to most of the places is football. Before the recession got worse, any time strong teams play, either Premier or Championship League, you see a lot of people here, drinking and catching fun. But now, people don’t even care whether Chelsea or Arsenal or whichever club is playing. Most seats are left unoccupied. And most times, the owners of the businesses run them at a loss because they use generators to keep the environment alive. Now, they close early because of lack of patronage.

“We all hoped things would improve towards the end of 2016, instead, they’re getting worse. Prices of goods keep skyrocketing, rent and school fees are there for those of us who have families. So, how will you now think of catching fun when you’re saddled with too many responsibilities that are primary?

“My prayer is that this recession ends before June as promised by Buhari so that normalcy can return to the fun spots, especially in Lagos here. To be alive and free from depression, there’s need for one to catch fun regularly because all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. But there’s nothing one can do now that the economic situation on ground doesn’t support that.”

One of the owners of an upscale fun spot in Ikeja, Lagos, Mr. Okezie disclosed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that things have been rough and tough since mid 2016. He added that many of his colleagues have packed up.

“The business is not flourishing any more. There’s no money in circulation. We always experience low patronage and that has reduced our profit margin. Even, some of my workers have gone when I can’t continue to keep them. It’s very sad.

“In 2015, you wouldn’t find an empty seat here around 9 or 10 pm, and we enjoyed that throughout the year. But since 2016, precisely in April, everything started crashing. Since, we’re yet to bounce back. Even, some of my colleagues are no longer in the business. That’s the situation we found ourselves in the hands of Buhari. Only God can save us from this predicament.”


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