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Fun spots yet to come alive, days after Ramadan – Prostitutes lament low patronage

The continued low patronage at some major fun spots in some parts of Lagos metropolis and suburbs, even days after the Muslims terminated their annual fasting (Ramadan), has proved that the prevailing economic situation of the country seems to be having far reaching effects.
Many socio-economic activities have not improved more than a week after Ramadan. In Lagos where most fun centres are usually deserted during the fasting period and become lively soon after the 29 or 30 day spiritual retreat is over, the story is not much different.
ENCOMIUM Weekly confirmed that most hospitality havens that witnessed low turnout of fun seekers during the holy month are still experiencing dull moments almost a week after the end of Ramadan unlike in the past few years when most patrons and addicted revellers would besiege most lounges, bars, restaurants, club houses and hotels even on a Sallah day.
This ugly situation, we were told, is as a result of the recession which is yet to fizzle out of the country’s economic landscape since it reared its ugly head many months back.
The drastically low patronage, we gathered, has also affected commercial sex business in most of the areas, thereby rendering those indulging in the trade redundant at the moment as most of them have been utterly disappointed that even with the disappearance of Ramadan, they are still back to square one.
Few of the prostitutes ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with lamented hardships occasioned by poor economic situation of the country which was only compounded during the holy month.
A commercial sex worker at Abule Egba, Lagos, Joy, as she wanted to be identified, said, “What’s happening at the moment shows that recession has affected us during the fasting period even more than the fasting itself. Most of us were of the opinion that it was the fasting that made a lot of our customers disappear. But now, the fasting is gone, it’s even almost a week now, people are yet to return to many of the ‘joints’. I have been coming out for the past five days, nothing has changed. I have only been exposing myself to cold every day. I have not made N10,000 in the last five days. Most people are still complaining of bad economy. The excuse before was the fasting, but it’s now obvious that the fasting was just a coincidence this year, though it has little effects on patronage. Even, most fun centres are still very dull. People are yet to return because most people are yet to bounce back financially. To me, there’s nothing in that job again. One needs to find a better job.”
Another prostitute who spoke anonymously also corroborated the earlier submission, saying, “Things are still the same as they were during the Muslim fasting period. Most of our patrons are yet to be back. The economy has not improved at all now. Most of us hoped that this place will start bubbling immediately after Sallah, but bothing has changed yet. We’re really suffering now. Even, we don’t care any amount just to survive. Men are broke now, they are only pretending. We now know it’s Buhari and not the fasting that really crashed the business. Though, during that period of fasting, this place was so dry, and that’s why I stopped coming until the fasting was over. But since, activities are yet to resume. We hope things start improving soon.”


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