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Funke Moore’s son weds

It was another day of joy in the household of Mrs. Funke Moore, the General Manager of Radio Lagos/Eko FM, when her son, Dr. Mobolayi Saadina Moore, got married to his best friend and lover of six years, Dr Ayodeji Elizabeth Olayitan on Thursday, November 10, 2016, at the Eko FM Marquee.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was there to interview the new couple and their parents…


‘Thank God I marry my best friend’ – MOBOLAYI MOORE (Groom)

img-20161115-wa0018We want to say congratulations on your wedding today.

Thank you very much.

How do you feel?

I feel excited, I feel happy, I feel on top of the world. The event was fantastic. All my friends turned up.

How do you feel getting married to Ayo?

To my best friend. In fact, it is something that I looked forward to all my life. Someone who I can get to talk to, who I love and cherish. There is no better feelings in this world than knowing that you are married to your best friend.

What was the circumstance that brought you and Ayo together?

Actually, it was in school. We were in the same university and we studied the same course.

Which university is that?

University of Lagos. We are both dentists.

Who did the toasting?

Obviously, me. She didn’t say yes initially but with persistence and perseverance, she said yes.

At what stage of the relationship did it occur to you that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

The moment I set my eyes on her, I was really sure of what I felt then.

What would you say you saw in her that made you think this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

Not just about her beauty but about her character. Her inner character, her beauty, her charm are all the things that I saw in her that made me decide to marry her.

How and where did you do the proposal?

It was at a hotel. It was as romantic as I could do it. I got all my friends to be there. She was surprised.

What are your expectations from this marriage?

Children, happiness, peace and all of that. Small, small fight, that’s all.



img-20161115-wa0018-001We want to say congratulations on your wedding today.

Thank you. I am grateful to God, to my family, the new family I am entering. I have new mummies, sisters and brothers and I give God all the glory.

How do you feel getting married to Bolaji?

I am very excited. This is the best day of my life.

Do you want to tell us how you and Bolaji met?

We met at the university about six years ago.

What was the circumstance?

We met at a gathering.

What did you see in him that made you agree to his proposal?

Apart from the fact he is handsome, he is intelligent, caring, loving, kind, brilliant. He is everything I want in a man, he has them all.

How did he do the proposal?

He proposed at Four Points by Sheraton last December, and to God be the glory, we are here today.

What is your expectation from this marriage?

Beautiful marriage, happy home, a family that is built on God’s foundation will definitely succeed. That is what is going to happen, God willing.

How many children are you expecting?

God has the final say.


‘Ayo will be a good wife’ – FUNKE MOORE (Groom’s mother)

img-20161116-wa0014-001We congratulate you on your son’s wedding today.

Thank you very much.

How do you feel seeing your son getting married today?

I feel very happy. It is one of the beautiful things and I am so happy that I am witnessing my son getting married today.

Is it something you have been longing for?

Yes. I have two children. The first one is married already and of course, I will want the second one to get married as well. So, I am so happy that he is married now.

How much of Ayo, your daughter in-law will you say you know?

She is a very nice girl. It was a very long courtship. They’ve been going out for about six years now. They were together in the university – MEDILAG. They both studied Dentistry. So, I have known her for six years. She is loving, humble, quiet and I know that she loves my son. That is the most important thing.

I also know that she will be a good wife for him by the special grace of God.

So, what is your expectation from this marriage?

I wish them joy, many years of togetherness, good health, happiness and prosperity. They will be fruitful in the mighty name of Jesus.


‘GROOM’S FATHER WILL BE HAPPY WHERE HE IS’ – Biyi Johnson-Agiri (Groom’s uncle)

img-20161116-wa0014-002Congratulations on your nephew’s wedding.

Thank you very much.

How do you feel seeing your nephew getting married?

I feel good, I feel happy. It is a great honour standing for his father today. I know anywhere he (the groom’s father) is, he will say that we have done a very good job.

How much of your daughter in-law would you say you know?

She is a very splendid person. I have known her since they were together in medical school. I visited him often and I used to see the two of them together. At that time, you never knew where the relationship was headed. But I am happy that this one ended in marriage. Because Ayo is a wonderful person. Wonderful person to her husband.

I pray that the friendship that bound them together up to this stage will continue to hold them for the rest of their lives in Jesus name.

What are your expectations from this marriage?

Many children. Boys, girls, twins, triplets. I also expect them to continue to be friends. Friendship settles many things. Once somebody is your friend, it helps a lot. I pray that they continue to be friends in Jesus name.


‘I wish them good children, prosperity…’ – OLUYEMI OLUYITAN (Bride’s mother)

img-20161116-wa0016-001Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding today.

We thank God for everything. It is only God that we will continue to thank. I wish them good children, prosperity, joy. God Almighty will provide for them in Jesus name. Whatever they want, God will provide it for them. I am so happy, I thank God for everything.

How much of Bolaji would you say you knew?

I have two Bolajis. I have one Bolaji that is my son. Now another Bolaji that has also become my son now.

How much of Bolaji your son in-law would you say you know?

I know him very well.

Since when?

Almost six years now.

What would you say you like about him?

I like him because he is a gentleman.


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