Funmi Holder’s The Grudge parades top Nollywod stars


Ebony skinned actress Funmi Holder is out with her first production, The Grudge. The movie promises to be on the hit list of 2016. It was premiered on Sunday, October 23, 2016, at Radisson Blu.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the producer, Funmi Holder and some of the cast and crew of the movie.


‘The Grudge is not from my personal experience’ -FUNMI HOLDER, Producer

Can you tell us what The Grudge is all about?

funmi-holderIt is about a woman who has grudges against her husband. For a long time, it led to things going out of control.

What inspired the movie, was it borne out of personal experience?

No, not personal experience. It is from somebody who had a similar experience, so I decided to add a bit more to it and developed it from there.

What informed your choice of cast members?

Everybody that was on The Grudge did very well. They are actors and they are professionals. I chose RMD, Ireti and Odunlade because they are professionals. They are A list actors, I needed A-list actors who were very good and I got the best.

Having the likes of RMD on your movie would have drained your pocket a bit?

I can’t say much about it. Yes, I had to spend money but I also wanted the best which is good for my brand and I couldn’t hesitate than to go for him.

What are your plans for the movie?

Definitely, it would go to the cinema. It should be at the cinema from Friday, October 28, 2016.

As your first production, how challenging was it for you?

It was challenging because I had to act as well. I do not regret it though, I enjoyed it.

It seems you are more comfortable with soaps, most especially Tinsel?

I was concentrating more on Tinsel but then, I was working on The Grudge in the background. I started with movies before I joined Tinbsel but I believe that Nollywood is Nollywood, whether in soaps or in the movies.

Can you tell us about Funmi Holder Foundation?

It is about women essentially. Mostly older women that have been abandoned. Older women are helpless, some of them are widows and they are in distress. The foundation is meant to cater for them.


‘It was challenging working with Odunlade’’ -AISHA IBRAHIM

img_0517Can you tell us about your role in the movie The Grudge?

I played the role of Asake, a beautiful student who used all she has to collect money from Taju (Odunlade Adekola). He is a married man but he loves women. He ended buying so many things for Asake. Unfortunately for him, he got nothing in return.

How challenging was the movie for you?

Really challenging, working with Odunlade was something else. He is a hilarious guy, everything he does is funny. He is a very good actor, I give him credit for that.

How long have you been in the industry?

Almost two years now.

How will you describe the experience working with the producer?

She is a fantastic person. She takes you along. She makes sure you are there. She makes sure you give her what she wants. As a producer, she is good and accommodating.


‘It’s exciting working on The Grudge’’-RMD

RMDCan you tell us about the movie?

I don’t want to give up everything, that is the purpose of going to watch it. You know people do say they tell the end of a movie at the beginning. I bet it, nobody can when it comes to The Grudge. It is complete.

How excited are you about it, sir?

Very excited. I am happy that such a beautiful work will be out there soon.

How challenging was it for you?

Every role is challenging. Every role has its peculiar challenge. But my work is to make them into beautiful stories.


‘Working with veterans made my work easy’ – YEMI MORAFA (Director)

img_4987How will you describe the experience as the director of The Grudge?

It was good. The title suggests what it is all about, but then, it didn’t turn out the way people think. It has a beginning, middle and end.

How was the experience working with the producer?

This is the first time I would be working with her. She is a good producer. It didn’t show that it was her first movie. We had issues we had to trash. We had to make sure principal photography is good, preproduction is good. We had our issues but ultimately, it was for the good of the movie.

What about working with cast, the likes of RMD, Ireti, Odunlade?

It was easy. Working with veterans made things easy for me. I didn’t think it was going to be that way. Normally, it might be overwhelming but they were extremely professional. It was good.

How challenging was the work for you as a whole?

The only thing that was challenging was how we captured sound. Sound was a major problem. I don’t think it was only for The Grudge, Lagos is highly amplified. Capturing sound is key. If you don’t know how to do it, you will waste a whole lot of time because the actors would have to keep coming to the studio to re-act all over again.

How long did it take to produce it?

It took months. We started in February and we are in October.


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