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Funny jokes about the heat

Nigerians have a way of coping with any situation. They try to make fun out of the situation no matter how terrible it is. Here are jokes Nigerians have made out of the extreme heat ravaging the country.



Journalist: What are your thoughts on this heat Nigerians are complaining about and what  is the government doing about it?


LAI MOHAMMED: This is the result of PDP’s misrule, they stole the ozone layer.

FEMI ADESINA:  Mr.  President promised us change and that includes change in temperature. CHANGE IS HERE, EMBRACE IT.

AKINWUMI AMBODE: We have signed a $10million deal with LG to install air conditioners across the Lagos skyline.

IBE KACHUKWU:  I assure you the heat will disappear by 2pm 29th May.

BUKOLA SARAKI: Tinubu wanted the heat to be more than this but  I opposed him, out of my love for Nigeria and that is why they are witch-hunting me.

GOODLUCK JONATHAN: This heat was not this bad when I left office/power but Nigerians did not appreciate me.

ADAMS OSHIMOLE: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala stole the N100 billion meant for temperature control research.

NASIR ELRUFAI: We are in talks with General Electric to see how they can generate power for Kaduna from the heat.

RAUF AREGBESOLA: I have just approved payment of January salary so that Osun workers can buy hand fan.

ALIKO DANGOTE: Next week, we are commissioning the Dangote Fan Factory; by 2030 Australia will be buying fans from us.

BEN MURRAY-BRUCE: *tweets* when Naira is weak and inflation is high automatically there will be heat. I JUST WANT TO MAKE COMMON SENSE.

HON. PATRICK OBAHIAGBON: The conglomeration of the firmamental bodies perpetuate the universal habitation of the homosapiens with intense conflagration, hence compelling the alacrity of our fleshly garment into perspiration & the inner organic chambers to  dehydration. Can you assimilate my concise explanation?

NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA: Under the last administration there was no political will to address climatic change:

PRESIDENT BUHARI:  From USA … this  heat is kwarupt because Nigeria is kwarupt and I will fight  every form of kwaruption involved and responsible for this heat and every kwarupt heat will go to jail


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