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Funny reasons spouses divorce (4)

Those who have enjoyed numerous good times, with marital bliss once dominating their lives, sometimes fall apart. And reasons they list for being irreconcilable are simplifying.

Learn from some of the funniest divorce cases…


AGBESANYA OMOLARA, a 32 year old teacher filed for divorce in an Agege Court in Lagos because she found used condoms in her husband’s pocket.

“What is he doing with used condoms? In fact, he has never used condom for me, he is a pastor. I want this honourable court to help me ask him. He has been pastoring for five years. He has started committing adultery, it is better to end the marriage.”


“I have never reached orgasm. I long for it whenever I hear people talk about it. I would like to try somebody else. I am no longer interested in the marriage. I believe if I get another man, I will be satisfied with my sexual desires”. These were the reasons ABOSEDE OJO, a 28 year petty trader, would want the Alakuko Customary Court, Lagos, to divorce IYIOLA, her husband.


AMAOKO OLUSEGUN, a 32 year old driver, opted to dissolve his marriage of four years to his wife, ESTHER in Omu-Aran Area Court, Kwara State because her buttocks is too big.

According to him, the rear doubled up after Esther had her first child, despite the fact that I warned her seriously, her bum is becoming embarrassing to me and my friends.


ADEPEGBA ADELEKE, a 30 year old farmer, is divorcing his wife, ADIJAT because of her blatant refusal in accepting a second wife.

According to Adeleke, when he was pleading his case at Ilorin Customary Court, Kware State, he told the judge that polygamy is his family tradition but his first wife does not want to accept a second wife.


ADEWUNMI ADESANYA, a 42 year old carpenter, urged the Iyana Ipaja Customary Court, Lagos, to end his marriage to OMODUNNI because her undergarments are always smelly and she piles them up for long without washing them.


“This is not the woman I married. She wasn’t as shapeless as an elephant. Her tummy was not as big as this. In fact, it is better to go back to bachelorhood than seeing this shape every day. I married her because of her good shape.” These was why BABALOLA YINKA, a fridge repairer wanted to divorce FUNKE, his wife of seven years in an Igando Area Court, Lagos.


AMINU AZEEZ, a 45 year old trader became single after an Igando Customary Court (Lagos) granted his request to divorce his wife, AMINAT because she dresses like a masquerade in the name of being fashion conscious.

“You need to see my wife every day. A masquerade dresses better, she is a great embarrassment to me. I cannot continue again.”


AKEEM BELLO, a 30 year old trader, approached Ibadan Customary Court in Mapo, Oyo State, for the dissolution of his union because his wife beats him to stupor every time an argument came up. However, his wife refused to show up in court.


32 year old EJIKE OKOYE opted to divorce his wife because she no longer has money to spend on him. He told an Abeokuta Grade II Customary Court in Ake, Ogun State that his wife begged him to marry her and even promised to spend her last kobo on him.

“Since she doesn’t have money again, I want to quit the marriage.”


ADEBAYO YUSUF, a 29 year old electrician filed for divorce in an llorin (Kwara State) area court because his wife, RASIDAT gives him pap (Akamu) every day.

“She forces me to drink pap every day. For the past two years of our marriage, I have been drinking pap every morning. Who be me if I don’t drink it, I cannot continue because it is sheer torture.”


CHUKWUDINMA ONYEKACHI, a 38 year old businessman left his wife because she refused to give birth to a baby boy. Speaking in an Iyana Ipaja Grade A Customary Court, Lagos State, he said “All my brothers have four boys each, but my wife has just been giving birth to girls. She gave birth to another set of twins which are girls. She has seven girls now. It is better for me to marry another wife, I cannot die without a male child.”


IBIKUNLE ADEOLU, a 42 year old businessman, urged an Agege Customary Court, Lagos to dissolve his four year old marriage because his wife, ROLAKE burns food too much.

“She will stay glued to the television and forget to check the food on fire. How will I be wasting my hard earned money like that? I have pleaded and done everything so she could change but to no avail. It is better for the court to dissolve our marriage.”

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