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Funny reasons spouses divorce (5)


Those who have enjoyed numerous good times, with marital bliss once dominating their lives, sometimes fall apart. And reasons they list for being irreconcilable are stupefying.
Learn from some of the funniest divorce cases…


SALAMI OMOLOLU, a 40 year old artisan filed for divorce after five years of marriage to IYABO because, he is too good for her. According to him,” I think I deserve some one better, more beautiful with a perfect figure and most important, some one that has acquired a skill. My wife is no more beautiful, and I want to take another.”

TOKUNBO PHILIPS decided to end his four year marriage to JOY because he feels his marriage is holding him down from moving forward. Narrating his ordeal to an Ikeja High Court, Lagos: “This is not where I am supposed to be, this marriage is holding me back from achieving my true potential.
“I am tied down. I cannot go out freely because she suspects me at every little provocation. If I stay late outside, she will be suspecting that I am seeing another woman. It is better to move forward.”

An Igando customary court in Lagos dissolved the 20 year old marriage between ADETORO ONIPEDE and his wife, BUNMI because she starved him of sex.
ONIPEDE filed for divorce on the grounds of sex starvation by his wife. “She always starves me of sex and will not allow me to touch her. Any time I try to force myself to do it, she will pick up a dangerous weapon to stab me.”

Ikare Akoko customary court (Ondo) dissolved a 10 year marriage between IFEDAYO ONIPEDE and TITI because her husband usually exchanged sex for money.
“He has turned me to a prostitute, I cannot receive any amount of money from him until I agree to sleep with him. Even money for house keep, I just have to sleep with him before he gives me. If I demand N4,000, he will demand four rounds a day. It is better to be single than being treated like a prostitute.”

BROWN OLUSHOLA, a 35 year old school teacher, told an Agege court (Lagos) that he has seen another lady who excites him, so, he was divorcing his wife of five years, ADEBIMPE.

An Ondo state customary court (Ondo) dissolved a two year marriage between AYEIYENIKAN OMOLADE and TUNDE because the latter eats dog.
According to OMOLADE, she detests dog meat and inquired from her husband before marriage to find out if he also keeps that tradition but he denied it, only to catch him eating dog meat at a restaurant.

“My husband stares at women too much, even the very ugly ones. I have caught him severally. I have done everything to please him, I am almost going naked because of him. I release him to go and find another wife if I am no more beautiful.” This was the reason EBUNOLU. MEPAYEDA gave for divorcing her husband, at a Kogi state customary court Lokoja.
According to her, her husband once stumbled and fell inside a drainage while starring at a fair skinned lady. She started suspecting him thereafter and decided to seek divorce.

IBRAHIM SALAWU, a 40 year old fetish man told an Agege court (Lagos) that he was instructed in his dreams to divorce his wife of 10 years and marry another. His case was first dismissed but was reconsidered after he started maltreating his wife, so, the court granted his request.

“My wife belittles me in the presence of our friends. No matter how hard I try to please her, she doesn’t respect me nor regard me. I think it is better for her to go. May be, she is fed up with our marriage, help me ask her.” These were reasons OMOBORIOLA LASUN, a 37 year old farmer would want to divorce his wife, CECILIA.

UCHE OKECHUKWU, a 40 year old business man filed for divorce in an Agege court (Lagos) because his wife, NKIRU beats their children too much. “I have witnessed her beat our only son, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The boy had been admitted in the hospital four times this year because of her cruelty. I don’t want her to kill my only son for me, she can go with her four daughters for all I care.”

TIMOTHY NDUBISI became a single father because his children from his former marriage did not like his new wife. An Ibadan Grade A court (Oyo) dissolved the marriage because of this.


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