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Gani’s long battle with lung cancer: 8 years after colossus’ death (8)

Undetected until 2006, the late legal giant never knew he was suffering from cancer. He had actually done a number of laboratory tests before he was eventually diagnosed with the deadly disease.

But he never stopped fighting the scourge, using all his resources till he lost the battle for life that Saturday, September 5, 2009.


Lung cancer killed Afrika Oyibo, Tyna Onwudiwe. The deadly disease also terminated the life of reggae icon, Bob Marley. It was also lung cancer that killed a Third Republic senator from Imo State years back as well as actress Remi Abiola.


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in adult men and women. It occurs most commonly between ages 45 and 70. Lung cancer is very aggressive and spread rapidly. It is usually not easy to diagnose. Interestingly, 85 per cent of people that suffer from this ailment are cigarette smokers, but researchers are still searching for clues to explain why 15 per cent of non-smokers suffer from lung cancer.

Though the symptoms depends largely on the type, location and how it spreads, one of the most common symptoms is a persistent cough. Some people cough up blood or sputum spread with blood.



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