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Gani’s remarkable philanthropy: 8 years after colossus’ death (3)

Gani signed a pact with the poor and needy early in life. He said his perception of life changed after the death of his father, financier and benefactor, while he was still in the university in the United Kingdom. 

And having tasted hardship, seeing himself through university education, doing menial jobs in the UK, he had vowed to assist others in similar condition. 

To this end, he started giving out scholarship in 1971. He began first with secondary school students, and then those in tertiary institutions. By 2004, he had sponsored over 800 students, “spending millions upon millions”.

“Nothing gives me more fulfillment than the scholarship thing that we’ve given to the poor,” he confessed in his interview with Encomium Weekly when he turned 66.

As a giver par excellence, Gani sowed into the lives of many, including his staff, many of whom he gave car gifts. It is also common knowledge that the current Deputy Head of his chambers, Barrister Adindu Ugwuzor, is a benefactor of his philanthropic gesture. Adindu was a librarian before Gani sponsored him to study Law.

 As a matter of tradition, he usually celebrates his birthday with the less privileged.



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