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Gani’s very private life, property and more: 8 years after colossus’ death (7)

WIVES AND CHILDREN: The late legal icon and human rights crusader was married to two women in his lifetime.

 He got married to his first wife, Ganiyat, in 1965. Between him and his first wife, they sired eight children: Mohammed, Saheed, Basirat Biobaku (married), Hafsat Oni (married), Kudirat, Idiat, Simbiat and Mubarak.

The second wife, Abike, whom he met in Lodon in 1980, had six children for him. They are Rabiat, Aminat, Rukayat,Yusuf, Kamal and Tajudeen.

“When I have time, I quickly run through them, because I don’t know whether they (security operatives) will pick me. When they release me, when I have time, I try to put belly up”.

On polygamy, he said he towed that part to avoid being set up by the government with women.


PROPERTIES: Gani may not have set out to invest in real estate in the true sense of the word, but he has buildings worth millions of naira scattered all over the place. His sprawling law firm on Adeniran Ajao Road, in Anthony Village, Lagos is worth millions. His Ikeja-GRA home is also magnificent. And for the purpose of his law publication business, he also has another building in Mafoluku, Lagos. Before he ded, he had equally completed two multi-million buildings in Alausa, Ikeja Business District. One is his law library, and the other for his law publications. Gani had earlier completed a sprawling mansion in his Ondo home stead.

CARS: Never known to be ostentatious when it comes to automobiles, Gani was more concerned with utility than glamour in the matter of cars.

He became a proud car owner, first when his uncle, owner of FFF, Fawehinmi Furniture Factory, bought him an Opel Cadet. But he had an accident with it four months after. Later, he bought a Peugeot 404 and Peugeot 504. He also bought a Volvo, then Mercedes Benz (which cost him N14,345 at Leventis in 1978). Other than his personal cars, Gani also bought more than 20 official cars for his chambers. He, however, told whoever cares to listen that car was not a priority item. He preferred books to cars. And before he died, a beautiful Toyota Crown was one of his favourites.

CLOTHES: From his university days, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi had always been a good dresser. It would be recalled that he even came back with ready-to-wear set of clothes after his academic sojourn abroad. A good dresser, his love for suits and our native attires depending on his mood and the work at hand, sold him as a man that had a good dress sense.

Till he breathed his last, Gani never betrayed his admirers as he dazzled them with his stylish corporate and traditional attires.



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