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Gani’s words on marble: 8 years after colossus’ death (9)

“At the NADECO rally in Yaba, I was there. I tore my dress and faced the gun, that the solders could shoot if they wanted.”


“I am an incorrigible and unrepentant June 12 fundamentalist. I stand on June 12, with June 12 and by June 12.”

“Abacha is the number one treasonable coupist. He committed the first treason on December 31, 1983, then another one on August 27, 1985 and the last one on November 17, 1993.”

“Abacha is a coward. He is lily-livered. Let him come out and campaign in the town without all his soldiers. Whether he would not be stoned. It’s not just enough to organize two million man march through a proxy.”

“I am not a middle of-the-road-man. What I believe in, I pursue intensely. I put my life on the line.”

“The authorities violated my person. They seized my books. They confiscated my passport. They harassed me and members of my family. They charged me with several criminal offences. They detained me from time to time. They imprisoned me. They threatened to sell my personal and real properties. They placed me under 24-hour surveillance daily. What is left for them is to kill me. Whatever they do, I will not give up. I shall continue until I succeed or until I die.”

“My case has been quite peculiar. I have never been in the good books of any government.”

“Olusegun Obasanjo is the worst thing that ever happened to this country. His government is a total disaster, inept and corrupt.”

“I didn’t determine the day I was born and cannot determine the day I will go. I believe in the efficacy of prayers. Prayer is powerful and I am sure I will pull through this sickness. Besides, I am determined to terminate the cancer they call terminal disease.”

“There can be no justice for Dele Giwa and the Nigerian society for his assassination on Sunday, October 19, 1986, until the investigation into the murder is re-opened and those responsible are brought to book. It is only then that the rule of law will find its fulfillment.”

“Mr. Aondoaka, SAN, has never condemned corruption. He has never initiated any criminal prosecution of any public officer. He had never caused to be investigated any corrupt person, past or present. Our Attorney-General pretends that he hears no corruption, sees no corruption in a country littered with corruption by public officers, past and present. He must be living in a world of self-delusion and self-deception. Since Mr. Aondoaka, the Attorney-General of the Federation, is not serving the interest of the public and the constitution of Nigeria, I call on President Umaru Yar’Adua to sack him as quickly as possible.”



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