Gas cookers overtake stoves as women count their kobos

Two months ago, a litre of kerosene was sold for between N220 to N250. A lot of housewives switched to gas cooker, some bought potable cylinder that comes with a burner. Even now, the price of kerosene has not gone down to normal, it is still sold for N180 – N200 per litre.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of ladies and housewives on their preference between gas and stove and why they made such choice.



Even without recession, I still prefer gas to stove. It is faster, cleaner and more hygienic. I have been using gas for over 20 years now. I was thankful when I heard a litre of kerosene was sold for N250, I was thankful that my cylinder was still half filled.



I prefer gas cooker because it is much cheaper than kerosene now. Gone are the days when using a gas cooker was a luxury. I bought the potable cylinder with a burner a couple of weeks back when kerosene was sold for N230 per litre.



I prefer gas cooker to stove. Gas is faster, I have a cooker with four burners. Even if I get home late, I can use three burners at once. I also don’t like the idea of my cooking pots turning black because of flames from the stove.

I was spending N1000 per week on kerosene stove before I switched to gas. Once I fill my cylinder, I use it for almost two months. To fill the cylinder is just N3,500.



Since the price of kerosene went up, I switched to gas and I have not regretted it. I used to be afraid of using a gas cooker before until recession pushed me into it. It was then I realized that once you are extra careful, it is still the safest means of cooking.



I prefer gas cooker but my husband does not like it. While he was growing up, a cylinder exploded in one of their neighbourhood and almost the whole family was wiped out. Since then, he can’t withstand anything gas.  Even when kerosene became very expensive, he still gives me money to buy it.



I prefer kerosene stove to gas because my children are still very young. They are usually at home alone after school. I can’t leave them all alone at home with a cylinder filled with gas.



Economically, gas is less expensive. I refilled my cylinder with just N3,000. That is not enough to buy kerosene which can last for a month. My cylinder last for almost two months, at times, it would stay for two months depending on how often we cook at home.



I prefer gas cooker to stove, it is faster and economical. I also use electric cooker as well. So my cylinder can last for three months if light is constant. I try not to use kerosene stove at all. I don’t even have one in my house now.



Gas is better. I don’t think anybody would prefer kerosene stove. Gas has more advantages than disadvantages. It is faster, cheaper, neater and less dangerous than kerosene.



I stopped using kerosene stove before recession hit the country. My kerosene stove exploded early this year, I still have the scar it gave me. I tried gas and it was okay for me.


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