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Generator repairer wins N1 million in Peak ‘Reach for Millions’ promo in Edo

‘My dream of going to tertiary institution is finally a reality’- Braimoh

For Braimoh Imonikhe, going to higher institution was a forgone issue as lack of funds has terminated that dream of becoming a graduate.

But, now a life time of respite had been granted, Braimoh Imonikhe has won a million naira in the Peak Reach for Millions promo. Top on his priority now is to go further with his education in a university.

Braimoh was born and bred in Edo state. After the completion of his secondary education he resorted to becoming a roadside engineer of mini-generators otherwise known as I pass my neighbour.

He claimed he had to drop out of school for lack of financial power to go further. “I was unable to continue my education because there was no money and nobody to assist hence I had to learn to repair generators and that’s what I’ve been doing since I left secondary school.”

The fifth child of a family of seven told ENCOMIUM Weekly that he participated in the promo’ just for trying’ and was not actually expecting to hit it big but the thought of not winning changed when he got an alert of winning N100.

“I never thought of winning but incidentally on August 8, when I got a message that I have won a hundred naira, my thinking of not winning changed. Thereafter, I believe I could win if I play more.

“That was what prompted me to play more and more by sending as many codes as I could before I was alerted that I’ve won N1 million in the Peak Reach for Millions promo.

“It was a very huge moment. What first came to my mind was my dream of going to a tertiary institution is finally a reality.

“I am so excited; I will never forget Peak milk all through my life.”

The Yogbe Secondary School leaver said he felt so great winning a million naira in the peak promo.

“I feel so excited and so great; I think presently, I am the most favoured person on the surface of the earth with this unprecedented wind fall from Peak Milk. No amount of words can really express how I am feeling right now as I’m speaking to you.”

Braimoh told reporters at the cheque presentation ceremony that top on his priority is to go further with his education in a university of his choice because lack fund was the reason his education ‘was halted’.

“First, I want go further with my education, I believe this uncommon gift from Peak milk will really support me in going further with my education.

“Lack of funds was part of the reasons my education was halted and Peak milk has come in now at the right time. So, I can now be dreaming of becoming a degree holder.

“I will also support my younger siblings in their education too, while the rest of the money will be fixed in the bank while I am in school.

“So, basically, this money from Peak will be spent mostly on education for me and my younger ones.”.

He also added that he believes the cash reward from Peak will bring a huge transformation to his family.

“I believe this great gift from Peak milk will change my life and that of my family. It will bring a huge transformation to our family particularly in the area of education.”

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