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– Tributes abound as Olatunji Adedeji Okusanya goes home 

First daughter recounts fondest memories

‘He sent me so many pictures this summer, and I asked him if they were for his obituary…’

WURAOLA OKUSANYA,GEORGE FEYITA,MRS BOLANLE OKUSANYA FEYITA & DAME MOBOLA EROGBOGBO (2)This is the most challenging time of my life.  Words are inadequate.  God’s grace and peace my covering.

Paa B was not just my dad.  He was my friend who I spoke with at least six days a week.  Sometimes several times a day.  About everything and nothing.  Fashion, business, tragedy, joy, the past, the present, the future.  He was my boss yet colleague, we worked together intuitively.

Daddy loved pictures. This summer he sent me lots of beautiful images of himself to which I asked, ‘Daddy, photo obituary le le yi o, se ko kinse pe eti fe ku?  E ma ku nsi yi o, it’s not a good time for me!’  (Translates into Daddy, these are obituary photos.  I hope you don’t want to die now.  Don’t die now, it’s not a good time for me!).

And he replied, ‘They are beautiful, aren’t they?’  So Paa B, the answer was yes, these photos were for your obituary.

He was my shopping companion, I inherited my love for black from him for sure.

Daddy had great taste in everything, simple, stunning, stylish.

He was my tutor and mentor.  Living the example of selfless sacrifice.  Giving, serving, looking to be a solution to the problems of others.  Eager to put a smile on a sad face.

He constantly celebrated and guarded all that concerned his children intensely.  Always quick to say, ‘I love you, I am proud of you, God will bless you’ to us.

Paa B believed in me, almost to a fault.  To him, I was perfection, regardless of my many faults.

I am privileged to be Paa B’s first child.

It’s bitter/sweet.

Bitter because I always had my dearest friend and brother, Jay to consult with on all things about Maa B and Paa B.  Bitter because our conversation on the night of Wednesday, October 2 ended with ‘Next week, we will be ordering some more caskets.’

Bitter because I know it would have been painful exit for you, knowing you had Jay, Akeem, Chijioke, Samson and Kingsley on board too.

It’s sweet because of the lifetime of superb memories, amazing experiences, laughter and beautiful times we shared.  I am proud of the glorious testimonies that sea of tributes that keep coming in.

So, now you are with your beloved Jay and now Maa B and all of us are here beyond devastated.  We always joked about what would happen when you die.  But I didn’t know it would be this soon, in this way.

I am left feeling naked and I have had to grow up quickly.


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