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-Tributes abound as Olatunji Adedeji Okusanya goes home 


Opemipo, Ladipupo and Nifemi

Why have you left us alone?  Waiting and waiting for someone to tell me it’s all a lie.  You didn’t even get to say goodbye!  What sort of dream could this be that within seconds turned everything so dim?  Did you have to go?  And leave our worlds so cold?  For all the good you had to offer, you really didn’t deserve to die.  As a little boy, I’d come over to your room while having troubled sleep and lay on your chest then all would be fine.

You’d see me and immediately yell Lado and I’d respond shouting back Atuns, followed by a warm hug.  I remember also the days you were teaching me how to spray cologne properly and you’d end up spraying some in Nife and I’s eyes!  Talk about you being a teacher!  Haha.  Those days after school that we’d stop by at your office…the joy of being able to see your bubbly, jovial self was what I kept looking forward to.

I’d fondly remember this last summer where you woke up every day to shave and made sure Op and I were doing the same.  Dad, you were more than a father, you were a friend, mentor, teacher, you were everything!  A single word from you could turn moods from gloomy to groovy.  I saw the man I wanted to be when I’m older in you.  Your outstanding dress sense is what we have all acquired.  The way you’d come home and see me doing my exercises and you try to do some yourself.  Saying I’ll miss you is a complete understatement but I’m comforted by the fact that you are now with the Lord.  We will do all we can here to keep your legacy and your kindness to people alive.  In the Lord you are now resting.  This, I believe, is the best thing.  Rest well Pa.

OPEMIPO (SON) CRIES ‘You’ve left a hole in my heart’

Fatherhood is extremely variable.  In some societies, men provide very little care.  Remove them all together and little changes in the lives of their children. In other societies, good fathers play a crucial role.  I had an exceptional father, who always wanted to be involved in my life in every way possible.  From my younger days, dad always treated me like a man, also constantly stating I will grow up to be a great one.  Pops was always dedicated to his family.  With the exception of work, only family affairs filled up my dad’s time.  He was a rock that everyone leaned on.  It was fun growing up as a child.  The kid with cool dad, who had all the cool hats.  Tunji Okusanya was a man with great style and a strong fashion sense.  My friends used to gather round him because he was always wearing something they hadn’t seen before.  Good old days, when we were asked what jobs our parents are doing in primary school, the greatest attention was drawn when it got to my turn.  “Your dad a funeral undertaker!  Aren’t you scared?”  It made me laugh every time.  You always made me laugh dad.  A gentle soul who only wanted peace around him.  I never imagined your departure would be so soon and I will miss you so much.  The memories are uncountable, the long talks, the plans, the countless times we thought we were better managers than Arsene Wenger!

Dad will be happy to know that the team is doing well now.  You were a source of strength to every one and a source of joy to all who encountered you.  I love you dad.

The offspring of a man is supposed to emulate him and through evolution become greater.  This is why I know we will be successful.  You are the best father I could ever ask for and your departure puts a deep hole in my heart.  Your legacy lives on, I promise!  Rest in peace Pops.

‘Your departure is difficult to come to terms with’ – NIFEMI (son) wails

Dad, so you’re really gone?  It’s so difficult to take it in.  It even gets harder and every time I try to come to terms with it.  You were such a great father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin.  Always there for everyone, always doing your best to be at the point of everyone’s needs.  So, caring, thoughtful, kind and such fun to be around.  One could light up any room with a smile like yours.  I remember the joy I experienced after those school days when I was told that we were going to your office, you will make so enjoyable for me. We would relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Or even after a long day at work, you were never too tired to talk to me.  We would eat together; have a good laugh and then advice me about life.  So, helpful!  You set a record for us all and I hope one day I will be able to accomplish that.  Rest in peace Pops, you remain forever in my heart.

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