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– Tributes abound as Olatunji Adedeji Okusanya goes home 

DEHINDE HARRISON, on behalf of undertakers – ‘You’ve done us proud!’

dehinde harrisonTo say that we would miss him a great deal is to understate the vacuum that his sudden and premature death has created.  But the funeral industry as a whole will miss him more for his creativity, leadership style and lofty qualities.  For he was a professional, a dutiful son, an adoring brother, a loving husband, and a dotting dad.

You’ve done us proud and each day you will continue to live in our hearts.

Nevertheless, many would appreciate these thoughts now and long after when they remember the indelible footprint which you have left in the sand of time.

If one’s passion for life could determine how long one lives then this must be a dream because you should still be here brother.  Every day, I shake my head at GOD and ask why now?  Why you?  Why like this?  You exuded energy, strong and vibrant like the sun.  A boundless spirit; an inspiration and role model to everyone.  You left a deep impression on every soul you met, your combination of bravery and passion is one, the world so rarely gets. I, your brother and family have mourned, questioned and wept.  And through tears, I hold on tightly to the memories we’ve kept.  My prayer is that you are at peace in a place far, far above.  I will have you in my heart forever in a place of deepest love.

Rest in perfect peace.

 (C) These tributes were culled from the burial programmes of Tunji Okusanya, Snr.

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