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Germany besieged by ‘fake’ asylum seekers

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany’s open door policy to war-torn Syrian asylum seekers may have been inundated by ‘fake’ economic migrants from Pakistan and other European countries.

Most of these migrants who came for better life than they believe their country could offer left well-paying jobs to come to Germany and seek for asylum.

Now, the Christian country dotted with churches is witnessing the arrival of people of different culture and religion.  And caution is now the word amongst the indigenes, especially females who are advised to cover up their bodies so as to avoid sexual violence from the Islamic males who feel an unaccompanied female is ‘fair game’.

Even in the refugee camp, rape, child-abuse, forced prostitution, gun-running and attack is the order of the day.  What most of the women tried to escape from in their country is now experienced in refugee camps and they live in fear.  The camp is now referred to as dangerous as men from different nationalities fight and women are attacked.

Some of these asylum seekers have traded their official national identity for fake visas with the authorities in order to stay in Germany.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron said earlier this week that failed asylum claimants should be sent back to their country by European countries upon discovery.

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