Ghanaians and Nigerians in Ghana share their plans for Christmas

The festive season is here again and people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and religious beliefs come together to show love to one another and appreciate each other by hanging out together or travelling home to see loved ones or preferably, sending gifts to express their love or gratitude towards one another. Encomium Weekly’s Bukola Edah asked Ghanaians and Nigerians their plans for Christmas…



My family and I will just go to the cinema and see some movies, eat out and probably hang out with friends. We hardly do much this season because my area is crowded. So it’s basically going to be the family having a good time and shying away from all the stress of the year and maybe, my wife and I will try making another baby (laughs).



I wish everyone a merry Christmas in advance.  I pray come next year, we will all celebrate the new year and hopefully, things will be better for everybody.  I’m also using this medium to tell everyone to be safe in everything they do. We shouldn’t do too much merry and try to be cautious in whatever we do to avoid any kind of accident, because in this part of our town, when it’s getting to Christmas there are so many car accidents due to reckless driving. And when people go out to have fun they end up fighting which sometimes leads to death. But personally, I will be activating a kick out life  experience which is meant to raise awareness for hunger and mal nutrition in Ghana with a series of concert activation. One of the activation will be held at the famous Labadi Beach. I urge my fans to be there.



I will be cooking and after that I will go out with my husband and my baby, just have a good time with my family, especially my husband, who is normally busy all through the year due to the nature of his job. So ,I’m really looking forward to the festive season.



Actually, I had plans of taking a trip to Nigeria, but my mom travelled to the United Kingdom and she won’t be back until next year. Unfortunately, I’m not the out going type. So, I will just go on a date with my fiancé. We probably might go to Accra Mall, do some shopping and come back home to just enjoy each other’s company. Though she is a Ghanaian, I know we will surely have a good time. You know the economy is also affecting everybody in a bad way. As it is, I’m already planning towards next year due to the bad exchange rate. So, I don’t have plan to spend out of proportion, because money is not easy to come by these days due to the harsh economic condition of the country.



The celebration has started already. Barney is in town so, we will be taking the children to the show over the weekend where they would have fun and mingle with their friends. And on Christmas, we will just sit at home and enjoy all the goodies that come with the season. We noticed that during the festive periods most restaurants play ground and malls are usually over crowded. And you know school resumes the following month, so you definitely have to be wise in spending and not get carried away with the celebration leaving you broke by the time the children are resuming school. So, my advice to parents out there is to make sure they have a budget for this period so that they are not caught off guard after the whole celebration.



I was planning to travel home to Nigeria, but I cancelled it because I need to work on a project back here in Ghana this festive period. I manage my own business. And second, my wife is expecting our third child. So, I felt it will be stressful on her. So, we will just try to make it a memorable one for the family even though we won’t be able to travel home like we normally do. But I will surely miss the fun in Nigeria because no place like home.



My husband and I will be travelling to Kumasi with the children for three days. But we will be in Accra for Christmas. After that, we all go to Ashanti Kingdom to have fun with the kids and have a change of environment from the ever busy and noisy Accra city.



Because I just had a baby which is my third to be precise, I don’t think I will be going out for any activity. I will be indoors because my baby is still small to be taken to a crowded place. But I’m sure my husband has plans for my older daughters, and once they are happy, then I’m equally satisfied and happy too. But I will make sure I do a lot of cooking so that there can be enough food in the house in case our friends come visiting because of our new baby. Hopefully, by Easter, my third child should be big enough for me to take her out.



I was supposed to travel to Nigeria, but business is not doing well at all in Ghana and it’s a normal during Christmas here in Accra. It takes a lot to survive business wise, so I feel Christmas is going to be on a low key for most families, that is my observation. A lot of underground activities are going on at the moment. And there is nothing special about Christmas. It’s all about Christ. Once He is celebrated, then I think the purpose of Christmas is fulfilled and this can be done by showing love to one another and preaching the gospel which Christ commanded us to do.



I will certainly be working throughout the Christmas season because of my job. But immediately after the celebration, I will take some days off in the first week of January next year and take my family on a trip to one of the resort centres outside Accra and just relax and catch up with my wife and children. I’m not home most times due to the nature of my job. So, hopefully, I pray all goes well with my plan so I can make it up for my ever supportive family.


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