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Ghanaians Rejoice As Electricity Supply Improves


It’s no news that electricity power supply in Ghana is not what it used to be as compared to some few years back when Ghanaians enjoyed 24 hours supply of power everyday of the week and even when the light was going off due to maintenance or for any other reason, the organization in charge, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) makes prior announcement to that effect so that those living in such environ would not be caught unawares.

But over time, citizens watched and witnessed how gradually the nation was plunged into darkness due to negligence and lack of maintenance of the dams and necessary power generating equipment, by both past and incumbent government and it became unbearable for not only the citizens but foreigners who had also come to invest in the country for effective power supply which is a key element to any successful business man or entrepreneur.

Encomium Weekly also reported on this issue and also spoke with the Senior Public Relations Officer, Mr. Erick Asante of ECG for Accra West region and he gave reasons why “dumsor” which means darkness, was the order of the day in Ghana and the measures being put in place by the government and stakeholders to ensure that the situation was brought under control and provide electricity to the citizenry and also avoid further collapse of both local and foreign businesses.

However, it seems dumsor which caused so much up roar and protest in Ghana by concerned individuals to register their complaints is gradually becoming a thing of the past as citizens now enjoy electricity supply almost like what it used to be, though not totally out, but close to it. In this regard, Encomium Weekly asked some  citizens to comment on power supply over  the last few weeks as compared to what it used to be some months ago.

Is electricity supply in Ghana getting better or still what it used to be in the last few months?


‘It is getting better’  – Mrs. Elizabeth Momeen (Lecturer)

I think electricity supply is getting better if I must say. I mean, we now have light on for more than 72 hours and maybe 12 hours off. Unlike before we usually have light on for less than 24 hours and it’s off for like 48 hours, so I feel it’s improving. Now, I can store things in the freezer which I had stopped doing when the dumsor was really persistent. So, I feel it’s getting better, and I hope we don’t go back to darkness again, because it’s not the best at all. You could hardly get things done, I tell you.


‘We rarely have total black out’ – Samuel Ray (Fitness trainer)

In my area where I reside it’s been fair enough. We rarely have total black out now. I mean, most times when I’m in session with my clients the light is always on. And even when it goes off within 5 hours it’s back again which was not like that before. And this has been going on for two weeks now if I’m not mistaken. Yeah, I will say there is a noticeable difference now. And I pray it stays that way for a long time.


‘We do have light now’ – Dr. Suzan (Medical practitioner)

Oh! It’s getting better. There is usually light now most of the time, though not every day. I noticed that every Wednesday it goes off for some few hours and it comes back. And I think in the evenings too, it’s usually off, but comes back again. But at least for now, we don’t buy fuel all the time again to power the generator for the hospital to run effectively.


‘It’s a commendable effort’ – Madam Paulina (Frozen food distributor)

For two weeks or so, we’ve not had any reason to spend so much on fuel to power our generator for business not to go bad for us. Because you can imagine the nature of my business, so give and take, I think the government has done well in really taking some drastic measures to ensure that dumsor becomes a thing of the past in Ghana. And I really commend their effort, I mean who could ever imagine that light could be this constant again in Ghana. Now, light is on for more than 24hours without blinking. If it’s this good, then I think it going to get better if the government is given the chance to do so without further distractions form the general public. With patience, we will get there.


‘It is fair  enough now’ – Erick Theophilus

For two weeks now, the light has been on and steady. Though, a friend of mine who is an official of ECG said the government has gotten additional load that’s why the dumsor is going down. But I feel it is a trap to trace and access source of connection of those that are into illegal connection because if they don’t leave the light on, there is no way they would get people to come to their shops and offices to make it easy for the ECG officials to arrest the individuals involved. But aside that, I will say it is fair enough now. Light rarely goes off now and business people like me are really thankful for that.


‘We are on schedule’ – Ronald Alefu  (Government worker)

In my area, we are still on the schedule they gave to us. Sometimes while some areas have their light on, we don’t have it on. But for now, it is getting better. At least for three weeks, we have electricity consistently, unlike before that it goes off for more than 24 hours and comes on for less than 12 hours. But these days we have it two days without any interruption.


‘I hope it continues like this’ – Mr. Isaac Boateng (Barber)

So far these few days, the light has been regular. Unlike before we run the saloon on generator two four seven. But now, we’ve not had cause to buy fuel like we used to. Even when it goes off, in less than six hours it’s back. So, we pray and hope the government keeps doing whatever it is they are doing and we don’t get to go through those terrible dark moments again, because I tell you, it’s not a pleasant experience at all. How we got to this sorry stage is just unheard of, and I don’t blame any particular government. But the present administration should help us in finding our feet concerning this issue, and we promise to give them our support for a better Ghana.


‘You cannot cheat on power supply again’ – Mr. Ekow Aqua (Computer graphic designer)

For me in the area where I reside, I will say it’s fair enough. I definitely will say electricity supply has improved in few weeks. Whatever magic they performed is really working for them. But in my work place, I’ve not had light for one week now, due to the fact that ECG has decided to change metres to automatic ones whereby once your credit finishes the metre goes off and you only get to have light when you go to their office to pay, unlike before that you could do that by simply taking your card to their agent to recharge and reload your metre yourself. But now you can’t do that except they do it from their office, because the metres are now fixed on the poles, which is very dangerous for anyone who might want to tamper with it or do illegal connection. Now, we have not been able to work in the office which is not good for us.


‘It’s much better  these days’ – George Kobina (Marketer)

Personally, I will say it’s much better these days. We have light on for longer hours now than what it used to be. If anything, I don’t get to hurry to iron my clothes or over charge my phones (laughs). Though once in a while, it still goes off for some hours, but it’s better compared to what it used to be. I can’t remember the last time I put on my generator at home, unlike before I do that almost every night when I get back from work. So, it’s fair enough. We hope they keep doing what it is they are doing and definitely they must have learnt a lesson or two on how we got to this stage and how it could be avoided also. But on the issue of dumsor going away completely, guess, we can only keep our fingers crossed.


‘I now use electric machine’  – Sally Mensa. (Fashion designer)

It’s getting better now. Unlike before that I have to use my manual sewing machine to sew most of the clothes, which slow things down for me. Now, I use the electric one, because the light is constant, and it keeps me busy also. And I also don’t get to use my charcoal iron often to make the clothes neater and presentable. These days, life is a lot easier because of the constant electricity supply.


‘My business is improving’ – Mrs. Olivia Tagoe (hairstylist)

For two weeks, business has been good because light is on most of the time now. Unlike before that we only get to braid alone. These days, we have a lot of our customers coming in to wash and set and style their hair. Unlike before that only few come around to braid their hair, you can see that the whole place is filled up, before it’s wasn’t like this. So, I will say it has improved a little, because it still goes off for like a day. So, we thank God for the situation now, because I couldn’t afford to buy a generator talk less of buying fuel to power it every now and then. So, I’m one of the majority that are happy with the supply now.




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