Ghana’s Ron Solomon Maxwell is winner of Next Movie Star 2014


The 27 year old chocolate skin, Ron Solomon Maxwell is from Ghana. The outspoken, ambitious and friendly dude who believes in hard work, dedication and patience, smiled home with a brand new SUV, management deal, movie contract for three years and wardrobe allowance. In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Ron shared how happy he was, how his versatility helped him and how he feels to win after Enoch Hammond won in 2007…


Thank you very much.

How does it feel to be the winner of Next Movie Star 2014?

I’m very happy and excited. It’s a humbling experience emerging winner of Next Movie Star 2014. Getting the form from Ghana, going for audition, getting picked, came to Nigeria for the show now I’m the winner, I have all reasons to be happy and excited.

Did you envisage you win?

No, because all the people that went for the audition, both in Ghana and Nigeria, were talented. When we got into the house, I saw different talents but I think what gave me an edge over them was my versatility. I’m a dancer, singer, instructor, martial art artist and model. But before I moved down here, I said to myself, it is either I win or nothing at all.

How did you get to know about the show?

Next Movie Star is for the whole of Africa or some parts of Africa. Previous years have been Nigeria and Ghana. In 2007/2008, Enoch from Ghana won and he was the first guy to have won NMS. Next Movie Star is known in Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, even in South Africa.

What were your parents reactions when you told them you were coming for the reality show?

They were okay with it, since they knew it’s all about acting and they knew I have passion for acting. Even before I came for the show, I had been shooting back home. They were comfortable with it and they gave me their approval and blessing

Now that you are the winner of Next Movie Star, how prepared are you for stardom?

I’m very prepared for stardom, we were taught many things in the house and I also learnt a lot during our grooming.

How will you describe your experience in the house?

It was excellent, every little time spent, I learnt a lot of things. It’s also challenging, there was no time to relax. All of us in the house were hungry for something, we were all on our toes learning something. We were all hungry for something, it was very educating.

What stood you out from other housemates?

All of us in that house, got talent. We all had our individual uniqueness. But I think my versatility stood me out. I was hungry for more that little drive gave me the edge because all of us in that house, got talent and passion.

What did you win?

I won a brand new SUV, movie contract for three years, management deal and wardrobe allowance and few other side gifts that would be coming in.

What are you going to do with the star prize, are you selling it off?

Oh, no! I’m not selling it. It’s a branded car, so, I’m not selling it. It will be used to promote Next Movie Star.

However, as an actor, I need to be mobile. It will be my official car.

Who among the other housemates was a threat to you?

They were two actually, Vitalis and Onyeka, they gave me a tough time.

How do you intend to make yourself relevant both in Nollywood and Ghollywood?

It’s about having the right connections and making yourself available. I already have a better platform through NMS. It gave me that edge to cross the bridge not just in Ghana but in Nigeria too. We also have audience in The Gambia and across the rest of Africa.

Tell us about your parents?

My parents are cool, warm, receptive and prayerful. They will be happy for me right now.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Ron Solomon Maxwell, a Ghanaian. I’m the first child from a family of four. I’m 27. I’m an actor, model, dancer, instructor, I studied film animation.



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