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‘Ghollywood is fast growing’ – Abdulsalam Mumuni

Abdulsalam Mumuni is the President of Ghana Movie Industry. Salam is one of the people that gave Ghollywood movies a new face.

Now, the industry is one of the leading movie producers in Africa. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him and he told us how it feels manning the affairs of Ghollywood and what it takes to produce award-winning movies…


How does it feel manning the affairs of Ghollywood?

It feels good because at least the movie industry in Ghana is being recognized and globally accepted

What are the challenges peculiar to the Ghana movie industry?

Every industry has its own challenges and as such some of the underlining challenges are

inadequate support from the corporate world in terms of monetary sponsorship and facilities.

There aren’t adequate structure and avenues that can help one recoup most of his or her investments into certain projects because we don’t have enough cinema and other promotional avenues.

Due to advancement of technology, it’s made it very difficult to make much profit from CD sales because most people prefer to watch or stream movies both legally and illegal via streaming sites after a single license has been sold.

However, we here also do not benefit from any form of royalty due to the absence of a well structured movie industry here in Ghollywood and some parts of Africa.

How does it feel that Ghollywood is now one of the leading producers of Africa movies?

It feels rewarding because we are producing quality movies and we are introducing new artistes.

What is your take about Ghollywood right now?

Ghollywood has improved and has been able to gain recognition both locally and internationally and there is a lot more to be done in the development of structure.

Do you like featuring Nollywood stars in your movies? If yes, why? If no, why?

Yes, because I was the first to feature a Nigerian star in my movie in Ghana because I felt we have most things in common and also saw it as a way of promoting each other’s country as far as entertainment is concerned.

What does it take to produce award-winning movies?

A lot of factors count when producing award winning movies because you need a very beautiful story that carries a meaningful message,  be technically ready, have the right cast for the characters, have a good cash-flow system and other things.

How capital intensive are award winning movies?

It’s not just about how much you spend for an award winning movie, every movie is capital intensive, but it’s about the story you are telling and the team that work to get the right product that makes it an award winning movie.

Do you always recoup the money invested in your movies?

Yes and no, it’s not all the movies I get to recoup my investment.

Who are the actors in Ghollywood you like to feature in your movies?

It all depends on the kind of story at hand and who best fits the character.


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