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“Ghost worker” syndrome is thrust of this week’s Professor Johnbull

The vexed issue of “ghost worker” and its adverse effect on the citizenry is the thrust of this week’s edition of Professor Johnbull, the TV drama series powered by Globacom.

In the new episode aptly entitled “Ghost worker”, the phenomenon is stretched to include idlers and malingerers who absent themselves from their duty posts, but still get paid at the end of the month.

The protagonist and Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK), carries out a treatise on the matter, lamenting that in government ministries and agencies, millions of Naira that could have been spent on other sectors of the nation’s economy are paid out to ghost workers, idle workers and those who refuse to do the jobs they are engaged to do.

The erudite Professor defines the “ghost worker” phenomenon to cover fake job agencies which advertise spurious and non-existent job vacancies with the intention of duping genuine job seekers and applicants.

The episode is scheduled for broadcast on Tuesday on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes at 8.30 p.m., with a repeat broadcast on Friday on the same TV channels and time. In the programme, Samson (Ogus Baba) who believes he has unrivalled ‘street sense’ and Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), the daughter of Professor Johnbull, are duped by a fake job agent who advertised  fictional vacancies for an international job and a high-paying domestic job.

Find out what happens to Elizabeth as she applies for the fake international job without the knowledge of her father. What is the experience of Samson, who resigns from his store-keeping job to go for the N80,000-a-month domestic servant job?

How did Flash (Stephen Odimgbe) acquit himself on the holiday job secured by Professor Johnbull? What was Ufoma’s experience whilst assisting Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) to hawk tubers of yam? Find out in this episode of “Professor Johnbull” which you cannot afford to miss.

Another interesting scene in Ghost Worker is  the poetic lyrics of Abadnego (Martins Nebo), who, while consoling Elizabeth on the loss of her N10,000 which she paid as deposit to the fraudster, goes Shakespearean in an amorous twist of love and affection for Elizabeth.

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