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Gina Mensah loses cash, expensive phone, other valuables worth millions of naira to fake movie producer

‘I am naked now’, she cries

Ghanaian Nollywood star, Georgina Oseimensah, simply addressed as Gina Mensa, is surely not in the best mood at the moment. And the reason is not far fetched.
The sultry actress, was informed by an industry source, ran into the hands of a con man who pretended to be a movie producer that’s based in Ibadan, Oyo state.
According to the source, the unsuspecting thespian was invited to Ibadan, Oyo state by the so called producer  for a juicy package which was scheduled for three days, starting from Saturday, March 4, 2017, at different choice locations in the ancient city.
However, we were told the reverse was the case as the fashion designer cum theatre practitioner lost all her belongings, including her expensive phone, Samsung S7Edge, worth N300,000, jewelry, foreign currencies, ATM cards, International passport and other items, all worth more than  N1 million.
The Ghanaian movie star, we gathered, has since been devastated, biting her finger  for falling victim of such a scam.
“Gina is in a bad mood now. I learnt she was swindled by a fake movie producer who called her for a big job in Ibadan. Gina went there with all her costumes and other belongings straight from Ghana where she has been for about two months.
“I got to know about the incident when I called her on Monday, March 6, 2017, and her line was not going through. Then, I had to call her friend who now narrated how the whole thing happened. I learnt she has since not been herself.”
When contacted on Friday, March 10, 2017, Gina confirmed the ugly incident. She, however, thanked God for sparing her life.
“It’s true, my brother. I am naked now. How I wish this could be reversed(she cries).”
Asked to narrate how it all happened, she said, “The man who gave his name as Olanrewaju has been disturbing me for about two years that he wanted me to be in his movie. The day he now called me, this time around I was in Ghana planning to come back to Nigeria because I had travelled home about two months.
“So, when he now called me, I told him I was in Ghana and I will call him back when I get to Nigeria. He said no, that’s how I have been deceiving him all this while and the job he has for me this time around is juicy. He said it includes Television commercials bill board and other stuffs worth N500,000. He said he won’t be happy if I miss it. He said I should be coming to Ibadan that Friday. So, he made me feel it’s real.
“Then, I had to give my manager his contact so that they could fine tune everything. And my manager told me to give it a shot. That’s how I called him I will be on my way. Since I told him I was coming, he started monitoring me till I got to Ibadan. And on getting to the hotel, he checked me into a room. He was calm, nice and cool. He told me he can’t afford to disappoint me. He really made it real, not knowing he’s a fraudster.
“He just left for his room, and around 6.30 am on Saturday,March March 4, 2017, he said we should go for the first commercial shoot. He took me to a place called Koko Dome in Dugbe, the place was beautiful enough for me to believe him. He said a company called Zatek which is into food and beverage wanted a beautiful face for their bill board. And when I asked him of others featuring in the TV commercials, he made me to believe they are students and they’re all in Ibadan, and that they would soon join us. And he started calling, making me believe he was making true calls.
“As we’re in the place, he asked for my phone so that he can make a transfer to my account for my costumes. He now told me to change quickly so that we can get to the company in time. No sooner than I entered the rest room where I changed my clothes, I came out and couldn’t find the guy again. Immediately, my spirit told me I was I trapped. And the worst thing was that I never went to Ibadan, that’s was my first time. I didn’t know any where. I shouted, screamed but a man was their seated, claiming that the guy will soon come back. I suspected he was an accomplice, I didn’t listen to his advice. I had to board a bike to the hotel where my bag  containing everything I came back with from Ghana was. But before I got there, the guy had come, picked my bag containing my other phone, 300 USD,2000 Cedis, a jewelry box, shoes, new dresses and other items with S7 Edge Samsung he collected from me. In fact, the guy really penetrated me without even any chance to suspect him. I should report him to the police but I don’t know anywhere in Ibadan. Even the receptionist that gave the guy the key to my room was crying, everybody was confused. I was just crying, screaming but the deal had been done.
“I was lucky to see some Alfas that came to drop one person near the hotel and they saw me crying, they asked me what happened and I explained to them. They now assisted me to Lagos and gave me money that took me home that day. They asked me to leave everything to God. If not the Alfas, I don’t know how I would have gone back to Lagos. May God help them. I believe that one day and even very soon, the long arm of the law will catch that criminal and his accomplices.”


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