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Glo exclusively dominates new internet subscription in Oct

Telecoms firm Globacom has emerged as the only network that recorded an increase in its internet subscription in the month of October, 2016. This was revealed in the latest review published by telecom industry regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for the month of October.

The new publication validates Globacom’s leadership in Nigeria’s data sector, underscoring the network’s sobriquet  as data grand masters. The network grew its internet customer base to 27,185,552 million in October from 26,887,929  in September. This indicates an increase of 297,623 during the month. 

The Commission stated on its website that the total number of internet users on the networks of the four major operators shrank by 378,015 from 93.5m in September to 93.1m in October.

It was MTN and Etisalat that accounted for the reductions in the number of customers surfing the net in the country during the period, while Airtel did not record any increase as its figures for the two months were the same.

The report showed that MTN had 32,464,779 million subscribers browsing the internet on its network in October, which is a decrease of 306,480 internet subscribers from the September figure of 32,771,259.

NCC documented that Airtel had 18,832,238 million internet users in October, the same figure it recorded in September. Like MTN, Etisalat had 14,693,492 million data customers in October, showing a loss of 369,158 compared to the 15,062,650 million users it recorded in the preceding month of September.

On their part, the CDMA sector lost 13,664 internet users, after recording 38,309 in October compared to the 51,973 figure recorded in September.

According to observers, Globacom’s consistent dominance of the sub sector is partly  attributable to the nationwide rollout of the 4G LTE advanced network in October , 2016. With the launch of the service, millions of subscribers on the Glo network are able to enjoy instant efficient broadband internet connectivity.

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