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Glo Professor Johnbull champions cause of girl-child in another engrossing episode

In the new episode of Professor Johnbull, broadcast on Tuesday, Kanayo O. Kanayo, playing the role of the erudite professor creatively, and in his paternalistic manner, resolved the case of an abandoned baby girl, her nursing mother and ‘stowaway’ father.

Viewers were treated to exciting comedy that artistically attacked certain undesirable African values and tradition.  Particularly, it was the case of discrimination against the girl-child.

A baby had been born, but when the father,  Athan (Stan Kamandi) heard it was a girl-child, he simply took off, hoping to flee to Cotonou in Benin Republic. The matter was reported to the professor to help prevail on him to accept his new baby child.  Consequently, they launched a search party for Athan.

When he was found,  the professor was livid and the ensuing grammar was no less exciting:  “Athan, how can you operate such an  outdated, obsolete, superannuated, prehistoric  lifestyle,  antediluvian; how could you?,” the professor  blurted out.  “It is enough now, all these curses for me? Athan retorted rather angrily.   “He is not cursing  you, olodo rabata (dunce). He is only speaking grammar, Olaniyi explained.”

Humour mixed with erudite wisdom as the dangers of discriminating against the girl child was brought to the fore in the TV drama.  Caro (Mercy Johnson-Okojie ) who speaks poor English in the series expertly weaved her illiterate condition  around girl-child discrimination in her family.  “It is not my fault ….it was my papa…was send Obi to school but was not send me.  He say I girl , girl does not  need school,”  she told Olaniyi, her suitor.

Against all the pleadings by Olaniyi and Samson not to reveal Athan’s hide out, Caro leaked the secret that Athan was hiding in Olaniyi’s  nkwobi  joint  to Mai Doya who also leaked it to another person. Viewers on Tuesday also saw the Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) complicating matters with claims that his yam could make couples have baby boys instead of girls.    Flash who went in search of Athan, was typically knocked off the trail on the sight of a beautiful girl, another potential lover for him.

The erudite  professor concluded the matter, “A male child is not more important than a female child, love them, educate them….”

The episode tagged Baby Bomboi, and which drew viewers across the country on NTA network, NTA International and Startimes is sponsored by Globacom, the grand masters of data.  A repeat of Baby Bomboi, the 7th episode, also aired on Friday by 8:30pm on the same channels.

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