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Glo’s Professor Johnbull preaches virtue of good citizenship

Popular TV sitcom,  Professor Johnbull, sponsored  by telecommunications giant, Globacom, this week preaches the virtue of good citizenship and the need for the citizenry to  take collective responsibility for the communal well being and  development of the entire nation.

The episode, entitled What About You,  highlights the roles individuals ought to   play in a bid to make the society better instead of shifting  blames about society  failings to other individuals and public office holders at different levels.

Nollywood star,  Kanayo O. Kanayo, who plays Professor Johnbull in the series, teaches socially acceptable  behaviour among the citizenry. Such behaviour includes due process, proper documentation and the need to consciously jettison   activities that are inimical to the development of the country.

What About You  makes an effort to dissuade those who  believe that government must provide everything, while encouraging citizens to protect social  facilities provisioned by the government for their use. The erudite Professor equally posits that only an early recourse to subsistence farming will ensure food sufficiency  in the country.

Other civic infractions flayed by the drama include smuggling, procurement  of fake driver’s licence, street littering and other acts of social irresponsibility.

The episode  becomes all the more hilarious with the  cameo appearance of popular comedian, Godwin Komone, a.k.a. Gordons, who takes on an impetuous  driver introduced to  him by the rascally character of the sitcom, Samson (Ogus Baba).



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