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’God has been faithful to me’ – Yinka Fasuyi on life at 60

Yinka Fasuyi is the Chief Executive of the Supreme Management Training and Consultancy Service Limited and the Ibadan Business School. His life is no doubt worthy of emulation and he stands as  inspiration for the younger generation. 

Fasuyi turned 60 on Sunday, October 25, 2015, and it was an opportunity for well wishers to join him in celebrating God’s faithfulness and support. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Tade Asifat, Fasuyi spoke on how he feels at 60, his resolution and decision to rededicate his life to the service of humanity and other issues.


How do you feel at 60?



I remain eternally grateful for all the blessings of the Almighty God. I remain grateful for the path which He led me without which I won’t be where I am today. I am grateful for the inspiration and for the grace to be used as a vessel in impacting lives in my own little way.

I am also grateful to Him for giving me an ever supportive wife, children, beloved family, friends and business associates, those who are present and those far away. Life won’t have been this good and worthwhile without good and wonderful people like you around to make it so, including my wonderful colleagues at Supreme Management Training and Consultancy Service Limited and Ibadan Business School.

This life is full of twists and turns; ups and downs, successes and failures, disappointments and promotions. The way to the top is not always easy but with persistent determination, success is guaranteed. I am thankful that I am where I am today and happy doing what I am doing. That brief summed my life and magnifies God’s faithfulness.

How has it been? Turning 60 is not easy, what were the things that propelled you to success?

My late father was a community leader whose life, teachings and businesses had a lot of positive influence on me till date. His work ethics and virtues are forever helpful.

All success recorded and achieved are under provision of divine Grace and blessings.  I was a good follower and a good employee and it helped in preparing me for my later adventures in life. A good follower/employee will always make a good leader/boss. After leaving the University of Ibadan, I worked briefly with Federal Ministry of Education. I joined the services of Total Nigeria Plc, in 1985.

While at Total, I enrolled for master’s degree programme in Industrial and Labour Relations which I got in 1989. Thereafter, between 1990 and 1991, I enrolled and completed my Masters degree programme in Business Administration at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. In order to measure up with global trends, I enrolled and completed the last of my masters’ degree in Information Science at the University of Ibadan.

After seven years at Total Plc, I resigned my appointment to set up the Supreme Management Training and Consultancy Services Limited. To the glory of God, Supreme Management Limited has not only become the biggest private management development institution in West Africa and beyond, but it stands as the only organization that has operated in all the 36 states of the federation.

The company has extended its services to other West, East and Southern African countries; to Europe, Asia and America.

In what specific ways has Supreme Management Limited grown in leaps and bounds?

The outfit has remained a pride to us, we thank God for the uncommon blessings. Four years ago, Supreme Management Limited gave birth to the vibrant Ibadan Business School which is designed to address the human capital development requirements of Africa and other developing countries. The laudable projects and programmes of IBS have won the attraction and attention of world bodies like the World Bank.

After the inspection of our facilities and programmes recently, the bank wrote to partner the Ibadan Business School in the conduct of its programmes in Nigeria.



Any regret at 60?

God has been good and faithful in the last 60 years and I couldn’t have asked for more. I must be sincere that I would have forever regretted it if I didn’t study beyond secondary school.  At 60, I have no regret taking the path I took because the footprint remained indelible locally and internationally.

In what ways have you given back to the society?

I have, through the help of God, been committed to helping the needy and the down trodden in my own little ways. Though I have been able to keep it largely away from the public, the Yinka Fasuyi Foundation, through which support is regularly rendered to the needy and the less privileged, is fully registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission. I, however, intend to increase activities in that direction and do more, God willing. I intend to rededicate my life to service to humanity.

Were you at any point tempted to venture into business being the son of a successful businessman?

You are right. Were it not for divine providence, my dream as a young man would have been my albatross today; when some of my peers were fighting it rough to climb up the ladders, I was tempted to limit my education at secondary school and take up my father’s business which was thriving. I was nicknamed The Young Millionaire, as early as a Form Three student I was also thrown into the social circle early, reveling in the abundance as a result of that privileged access to my father’s wealth.

Were it not for the divine directive and support I would have stopped at secondary school and joined the then thriving, inviting and alluring business.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Lington Olayinka Fasuyi; born on October 25, 1955 to Chief Jacob Olowookere Fasuyi and Mrs. Felicia Sijuwola Fasuyi in Ilesa, Osun State. To the glory of God, I turned 60 on Sunday, October 25, 2015. My parents, (both of blessed memories) were natives of Ilesa.

I attended Otapete Methodist Primary School, Ilesa, between 1962 and 1968, had my secondary education at Ilesa Grammar School in 1973. I also attended Methodist Boys High School, Lagos, where I made Division 1.

I later attended the Federal School of Arts and Science, Ondo. After I left the Federal School of Arts and Science, I worked in a few places. I had my first experience working with the Federal Ministry of Finance, Lagos, in 1975. I was at the University of Ibadan for my B.Sc. degree in Economics in 1982 and I had my national service in Yola, old Gongola State. I have attended several management courses across the world including   the Executive Education Certificate in Creativity and Innovation from the University of California Business School, USA; Executive Certificate in Global Partnership for Leadership Development from Manchester Business School, Manchester, U.K. I am also an alumnus of the Queen’s University Business School, Canada, and Georgetown Business School, Washington D.C., United States. By the grace of God,  I am a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management, Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria, Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Information and Records Management, Member, American Institute for Training and Development, Member, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Member, Nigerian Economic Society, Member, Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning, Member, Nigeria Association of Information Scientists and Member, the Nigerian Institute of Training and Development.

As at the last count, I have visited over 59 countries of the world doing the job of training, management consulting and others

On the social level, I belong to several social clubs and organizations across the country. I once served as President of Ibadan Recreation Club, I am a member of the Ibadan Golf Club, member Ibadan Polo Club and the University of Ibadan Staff Club.

I am married to Dr. Olubisi Fasuyi and the marriage is blessed with four wonderful children three of whom have obtained master degrees in their respective disciplines.

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