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Goje Africa co-presenter, Nneka Moses itemizes the joys of motherhood

AFTER waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb, the Lord smiled on Goge Africa’s co-presenter, Nneka Moses.  She is now enjoying motherhood.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the elated mother of a bouncing baby boy and she opened up on the lessons she learnt during the waiting period and the best things about being a mother.


How are you enjoying motherhood?

I am really enjoying my life as a mother.  The thing is when you want for something for a long time, you are more than ready when you eventually get it.

What has changed about you now that you are a mother?

These days, my schedule revolves around my son.  I cannot afford to go to work regularly.  I do more of my work from the house.  My baby comes before every other thing.  Before the baby came, I was more of a career woman, but now that has changed.

What are the challenges associated with motherhood?

All the challenges are to be expected.  I am always up and alert all the time.  My time is not mine anymore.  My son dictates what I do, and what time I do it.  It’s no longer about I and my husband alone, it’s now more of the two of us and the baby.

What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me that it can be fun to love somebody else more than you love yourself. Motherhood has made me more humane.  I devote my time and energy on him. It also taught me to be patient.

What informed the choice of Chikamara as his name?

God is all knowing.  It is glaring that God knows the best.  Many years ago, when I got married, I did not know the waiting period would be long.  And despite that we still remain together, ever strong.  And at the end of it all, God gave us our bundle of joy at the most appropriate time. I could not think of a better name for him.

How many more should we expect?

For me, I don’t mind.  Whatever gives me, I would take.  Children are gifts from God.  By His grace, if He gives me two, three, four more, I don’t mind.  God should provide for me to take care of any amount He blesses me with.

What changed about you?

Nothing really changed.  Child birth does not change you.  If you are a jovial person, you still remain the same.  The only thing that really changed was my cloth size.  I moved from a size 12 to a size 16.  But I am working on getting my shape back. Also, my tummy and my schedule has changed too.

How do you juggle motherhood and your career?

I have always been a very organized person.  All I did was move some things around a little bit, and fit only the necessary things in place.  Since I and my husband have decided not to get a nanny, I don’t want to have to take the baby to work always.  So, I go to the office only twice and do my major work from home.

Are you back on air?

Yes, I am fully back to work. I have been back to work for three months now.

Describe your husband’s role in the business of taking care of the baby.

My husband does as much as I do, except that I have to breast feed him. I think he is even closer to the baby that I am. The baby knows him more because he devotes most of his waking time to him.  He has been a great and wonderful father.

Can you give an advice to new mothers like you?

(Laughs) This question should be for mothers of nine to ten children.  But for me, I think every mother should do what works for her and her baby.  Give your baby as much time and attention as you can afford.  Also always pray for your baby.  Speak positive words into the life of your baby.  There is power in the tongue, it is very important to pray for the baby and then God would crown it all with goodness, mercy and favour.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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