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Gold diggers are after me for marriage’ -Josephine Ugwu, airport cleaner who returned N12 million cries

Josephine Ugwu became a national hero in 2015, when she returned N12 million she found in the course of her duty at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. She was honoured by several organizations and the government. Her patriotic deed also fetched her a job with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

A couple of weeks back, Ynaija presented her an award Person of the Year. An award that had the likes of Senator Bola Tinubu, Goodluck Jonathan, Aisha Jummai Al Hassan, Attahiru Jega, Bishop Oyedepo, etc as nominees.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about the award. We also spoke to her on sundry issues.


What has been happening to you?

Good things have been happening to me. I thank God for His goodness and mercies over my life. God has been good to me, I must say.

Congratulations on your award, how does it feel?

I am very happy. I am grateful to Ynaija for the award. They brought it to my place of work. It is such an honour to receive it. I say thank you to them.

Did it come with monetary reward?

No, it is just the award they gave me.

Have you resumed work with FAAN?

Yes, I have. I started last year though they gave me my appointment letter some months before. I have resumed with them. I am in the commercial department. We are in charge of flight landing.

You said you were going to set up a business last year, how far is that dream?

Yes, I said so. The dream is still there. I am yet to kick off any business venture. I don’t have money to start.

What about all the money you received last year?

The money I got wasn’t enough to start a business. I had to come to my brother’s rescue. He doesn’t have a job. His children are in school. They have to pay school fees. I used part of the money to settle family issues. When I raise money, I will surely go into business.

You told us you were in a relationship last year, when are you getting married?

I will get married when the right man comes. You know that men are sly. Some think I have money but it is not so. I cannot rush into it.

But what happened to your relationship?

He wasn’t serious. People were giving him wrong advice. He also thought money has arrived. I had to let go of the relationship.

Have men been approaching you since your issue came up last year?

Yes, some came. I didn’t pay attention to them. They were not serious, that is why I said some men can be sly. Some of them will take to their heels when they see that there is no money. I have suffered too much to fall into the hands of a wrong man.

It is better to wait till I get the right person. I want to be careful.

Are you enjoying your new place of work?

Yes, I am. It is better than Patoville. I am grateful to God for the opportunity.

Will you say you miss Patoville?

No, I don’t but I miss the people I worked with over there.



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