Golden guys and gals on life’s greatest lessons (5)

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Life becomes more meaningful when we learn from our mistakes and experiences. We spoke with successful Nigerians who have crossed the golden age about life’s greatest lessons, their biggest mistakes, regrets and what they would have done differently if they had the chance…


‘Only God can be trusted’ -FOLUSO OGUNJIMI

Lessons: Only God can be trusted. Human beings can fail you anytime. I have been disappointed before and it was not funny.

Mistakes:  I cannot remember any.

Regret: I cannot remember any.

Turning the hand of time: The only thing I would have done differently is getting born again earlier. The way you will raise your children as a born again woman will be different from how you will raise them if you are not.


‘I shouldn’t have married many wives’ -ADEYINKA ADEWOYE

Lessons: I have learnt to be careful of the company I keep, to make friends with people who will advance my course and add value to you.

Mistakes:  Having many women! At first, I thought it was my destiny, it was later I realized that it was a great mistake. I have children from five women. I shouldn’t have lived my life the way I lived it earlier.

Regret: My mistake led to my regret. Now, I don’t have a wife at home. If I didn’t have many women, my wife would have stayed with me till now.

Turning the hand of time: if God gives me the chance, I will finish my house. I don’t ever want to leave broadcasting. It is the only thing I ever enjoyed.


I didn’t heed to spiritual warning -FEMI BRIGHT

Lessons: Life has taught me to be calm in the face of any turbulence and to always heed warning.

Mistakes:  I didn’t heed to spiritual warning and I suffered for it. I have had to bear the consequence for more than a decade.

Regret: I regret not heeding the warning.

Turning the hand of time: I have suffered a lot through evil manipulation of some people. If I can change time, I would change that aspect of my life

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