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Golden guys and gals speak life’s greatest lessons and regrets

-Hafiz Oyetoro, Qunicy Ayodele, Ayo Balogun, Yemi Soalde and Tunji Bamishigbin

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Life becomes more meaningful when we learn from our mistakes and experiences. We spoke with successful Nigerians, who have crossed the golden age about their greatest lessons, their  biggest mistakes, regrets and what they would have done differently if they had the chance…


‘Success is not by might’ -TUNJI BAMISHIGBIN, Producer and actor

tunji bamishigibn 1-Fullscreen capture 11112015 42959 PMGreatest Lesson: The fact is whatever will be will be. It is only God that will determine a lot of things. Whether we like it or not, we have no say in certain things. Success is not by might. In the course of working as an entertainer, I have seen serious actors who are not as successful as the carefree ones.

Mistakes: I get angry if any matter touches me. If I feel disappointed or let down, I easily get angry. I am still struggling with that.

Regret:  What we call regrets are not regrets. Whatever action or decision we make, once the action is taken, there is no need for regret It is better to move on.

Changing the hand of clock: I would have loved to have started whatever I am doing earlier. I was in the banking sector before going into entertainment though.

I believe if I had started earlier, I would have gone further. The Western world starts whatever they want to do early, that is why at 35, they would be multi-millionaires. But in Nigeria, a 35year old man is still living with his parents.


‘Keep trying and be consistent’  -HAFIZ OYETORO,  Actor and lecturer

hafiz 1-Fullscreen capture 11112015 43146 PMGreatest Lesson: Life has taught me that it is not every time you throw your net into the sea that you catch your desired fish. You have to keep trying, be consistent until your better becomes best. Some people catch what they don’t want, some catch something smaller or bigger than their expectation.


Mistakes: I can’t remember, I have not thought about it. I have faced challenges, God has helped me overcome my challenges and I thank Him for that.

Regret: I don’t have any regret. I was born into a very poor family, I decided to go into theatre and to the glory of God He has helped me. I got married very late but it is not anybody’s fault. I got married when I had the capacity to do so.

Changing the hand of clock: I would have loved to get married early at 25,26 so that when I am 56, I would sit back and enjoy the fruit of my labour. Now at 53, I am struggling to pay school fees. I would have loved to be younger and enjoy life more, take care of my father more. He passed on last year, I cried so much not because I didn’t have money for his burial but because I did not take care of him the way I wanted. I would have loved to do more. My mom is old now, she can’t even use the cloth we bought for her, she doesn’t go out. They have to feed her because of her age. I wish I was blessed more than this so that I can do all these things.


‘You need to be simple and humble’ -QUINCY AYODELE, Entrepreneur

1-quincy2Greatest Lesson: Life has taught me to be simple and humble. It has taught me to have a mission, I must be focused.

Mistakes: The fact that I didn’t start my business earlier than now. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to do 14 years in any bank but as a Christian, God’s time is the best.

Regret: Sometimes you grow up to forget any regret by the special grace of God. I would still go back to not starting my herbal clinic business earlier. Those days, people never believed you could use herbs for anything.

Changing the hand of clock: I would have started talking about the potency and the efficacy of herbal medicine, I grew up in the village around herbs. So, I know everything about it. May be if I had started earlier than I did, there wouldn’t be much diseases as we have now.



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