Golden guys and  gals speak on  the greatest lessons life has taught them (3)

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Life becomes more meaningful when we learn from our mistakes and experiences. We spoke with successful Nigerians who have crossed the golden age about their greatest lessons, their  biggest mistakes, regrets and what they would have done differently if they had the chance…


’Don’t let people discourage you’ -DATA OKORODUDU

Lesson: In whatever you do, put God first.  Whatever you believe in, don’t let people discourage you from doing it. Just keep at it. Be consistent and never give up.

Mistake: I don’t dwell on negativity. I don’t take such things to heart.

Regrets: No! I believe in whatever situation you find yourself, make the best of it. If life gives you lemon, make use of it.

Change the hand of time: Absolutely nothing.


‘Life has taught me to be disciplined’-DELE ODULE

admin-ajaxLesson: Life has taught me to be disciplined. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to be consistent and disciplined. I have been consistent and I get my goals and stick to it. That is the secret of my business.

Mistake: Maybe, having too many children.

Regrets: I don’t have any regret. I don’t dwell on the past.

Change the hand of time: That would be children too. Though I love children and I don’t have regret for having them. I will just prefer to be more economically buoyant to take adequate care of them than I am doing now.


‘I would love to start all over again’ -DELE ABIODUN


Lesson: Life has taught me to be hard working, to live up to expectation of my families and friends and to always be upright.

Mistake: I didn’t go to the university. I believe education is the best legacy to give your children. I decided to train all my children. They are all graduates today.

Regrets: I don’t have any regrets. If I come to this world again, I will still love to be a musician.

Change the hand of time: I would love to start all over again. Get educated and be strong.


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