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Gospel crooner, Atorise denies impregnating London lover

  • Admits completing N100m mansion in Lekki, Lagos 

TOP gospel crooner, Olanrewaju Teriba, popularly known and addressed as Atorise, is no doubt, a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.  The Ogun State born talented gospel singer is a success by all ramifications.  Apart from being one of the leading artists right now, everything seems to be working for the handsome musician.  Aside cruising around in choice automobiles, travelling abroad often for shows, now Atorise has just completed a N100 million mansion in Lekki, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a one-on-one interview with him on Friday, September 10, 2010 in Ikeja, Lagos.  He spoke on many issues…


How would you describe your career at the moment?

Everything is okay, we are moving on.

What is the latest about you?

I just came back from a tour of Canada, I am working right now on my 20 years on stage which is coming up on October 10, 2010.  It will take place at Regency Hall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.  The event is going to be strictly by invitation, anybody without the IV will have to pay like N50,000.


It’s because I want select few there.  One thing is that anytime I want to do anything like that, I don’t really believe in crowd, I believe in personalities.

20 years is not a joke, how would you describe the experience so far?

Yes, we started well and we have acquired a lot of experience.  We can’t start talking about that now, may be that will be a separate interview on it’s own.

What of the challenges?

They are uncountable.  If we decide to talk about all the challenges I had faced so far, we can’t finish.  But I thank God, we keep moving on all the time.

How have you been managing fame all this while?

Fame is not an easy thing to manage.  It is easy to get to the top, another thing is to maintain that top.  But I thank God for He has given me the wisdom and understanding to maintain fame.

What kind of advice do you have for the upcoming ones in respect of this?

All I can tell them is that they should try as much as possible to be themselves.  They should not follow wrong steps.

Since you started out, has there been any scandalous publication that rattled you?

Yes, there was a time somebody lied against me that I impregnated eight women which I didn’t really know anything about.  The person is dead now, God fights a lot for His people.  The Bible says, ‘Touch not my anointed ones.’  As a famous person, you are bound to face scandals but not the ones that will actually weigh you down or wreck your career out-rightly.  It is not good.

But there has always been that story that Atorise is a womanizer?

I don’t want to talk about women again because I am a responsible man and I have a family.  If anybody is saying Atorise is this, is that, the person is only judging me by my face not the real me.

There is also a tale that you impregnated one of your London babes…

…I don’t know anything about that.

Does your wife stay in London?

No, she stays in Nigeria, my family lives here.

How many children does she have for you?

It is unAfrican to count the number of children for the parents.  That is supposed to be my private business.

Would you say the career is worth the while, we mean in terms of your achievements?

Yes, it is fulfilling being a gospel singer.  I have been able to manage my fame and God has always been on my side.

How old is Atorise now?

I am in my late 30s close to 40.

What are those things you have set to achieve?

Yes, I have a lot of things on my agenda.  Anytime from now, I am going to launch my foundation.  My studio will soon be opened in my house in Lekki, I will soon do my house warming.

That reminds us, we thought it is just a rumour that you have just completed a mansion in Lekki worth N100m?

It is not a rumour.  It is true, just like I told you, I will soon do the house warming and a lot of people will be invited.  You will be informed when the time comes.  The house is worth N100m and even more.

How about your Sango house?

It is still there, it is also a multi-million naira structure.

How many cars do you have in your garage?

That is going to be a special interview, I will take you to my garage when I am opening my house.

When will that be?

Very soon, you will be duly informed.



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