Gospel crooner, Ezekiel The Psalmist stages Night with The King of Glory

-Says, ‘Gospel music is not about pulling crowd’

GOSPEL crooner, Ezekiel Olusanya, known in the music circle as Ezekiel the Psalmist, is staging a ground breaking gospel music concert tagged, A Night with the King of Glory; he spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about the concert, among other things.

What have you been working on lately?

The night of worship which I am organizing in conjunction with The Music Minister’s Forum (TMMF). It’s going to be an unusual night as God is set to do something marvelous in the life of His children.  It comes up on August 14, 2015 at 10 p.m. It will hold at 71, Jibowu Estate Road, Adeogun Junction U/Turn Bus stop, Abule Egba, Lagos.

How did you get the vision for this programme?

It’s through a burning desire, drive, divine insight, divine revelation and inspiration. Because without inspiration no revelation, without aspiration no inspiration. Before you embark on things like this there must be drive because that is what boosts your interest and carry you through even in the face Of challenges.

There are many programmes such as this out there, how is this different?

What makes this programme more unique is that it’s a mandate from God to bring together Music Ministers (worshippers) that will bring down God’s presence, creating an atmosphere of healing, deliverance and salvation etc through intensive worship and spirit filled songs.

What’s the idea behind the programme?

Through divine inspiration God helped us to create The Music Minister’s Forum (TMMF) on Whats-app.  The idea is to build up an empire of worshipper for God, where thousands of voices can come together, reaching out to souls, creating an atmosphere of healing, deliverance, salvation etc., through powerful songs ministration.

Who are the artistes that will be ministering?

Myself, Ezekiel the Psalmist, Kelechi and Mayowa Owolabi (The Minstrel). Other groups that will be ministering are: Youth for Christ Family, Royal Minstrel from Royalty Christian Center, Solid Minstrel from RCCG, Ojodu Lagos.

How long has it been running for now?

This is just the first edition. Though it has been burning in my heart for some years now but I was not fully ready.  But recently, I got the conviction and I made up my mind and before I knew it God started making things to fall in perfect place for me.  Though this is the first edition, but I can tell you that it is fully loaded, so I am using this medium to invite everyone to come and be a partaker of this great blessing.

How much impact do you foresee concert like this having on the society?

The ultimate impact or goal should be to reach out for Christ winning souls into His kingdom. That is the primary aim for us being on earth.  We must be heavenly conscious.

What can gospel ministers do to pull the kind of crowd that secular artistes do?

There are things we must understand here. We need to know that stage and altar are incomparable. A stage is for performance, an altar is for worship; a stage is for personal applause, an altar is for God’s glory; a stage is for wooing the frantic crowd, an altar is for serenading the King of kings; a stage is for dishing popular sentiment, an altar is for delivering heaven’s edicts; a stage is owned and manned by man, an altar is owned and supervised by a particular deity to whom it is erected and dedicated; a stage is where everything must be perfect, an altar is where the imperfect is perfected; a stage is where man ascends, an altar is where God descends; a stage pushes professionalism, an altar stresses spirituality; a stage is all about how to project the right image, an altar is concerned about how to mold character; a stage is for fireworks display of human excellence, skill, and ingenuity, an altar is for the release of the divine purging fire of His holy presence; a stage is where a brilliant blaze of firecrackers illuminate the performer, an altar is where a bolt of heaven’s fire disfigures the worshipper; a stage is where artists pull out all the tricks of the trade to dazzle the crowd, an altar is where servants stay true to their call so as to let the congregations draw closer to Jesus; a stage is where superstars hug the limelight, an altar is where everything pales into insignificance in light of the stunning bright.

So, whether you are pulling crowd or not as a music minister you should have the feelings of ‘yes I am’ fulfilled because in some cases God does not even want you to go to where there are thousands of audience but if you are not sensitive to His voice or you intentionally disobey Him, you will end up wasting your time. So, for gospel and music ministers it is not about the crowd but how many lives you are able to impact.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Ezekiel Olusanya, popularly known as Ezekiel the Psalmist. I am a Lagos-based music minister, prolific singer, song writer and music director. I’m a graduate of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Lagos State University (LASU).


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