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Gospeller Ehiliz explains reasons she released ‘God heal our Land’

Ehiliz is a gospel artiste and dancer, whose passion and vision are hinged in manifesting God’s abundant grace and joy through her music ministration. Her passion for music is based on her calling to sing to God and as a soothing balm to people of God. She’s exceptionally delighted in seeing people blessed.

In the business world, she is Mrs. Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe, but her commitment as a gospel singer and youth empowerment advocacy is paramount.

Her latest effort, Odogwu, featuring Pat Uwaje of Midnight Crew has been enjoying airplay. She’s also the owner of Vivid View with Ehiliz, a talkshow aimed at curbing moral decadence among the youth. It is aired every Sunday on TVC by 5:30pm. Though she has been honoured with many awards and has performed on many platforms, she counts it a great joy winning souls to God through ministration.

Aside the joy she derives from gospel music, she’s also the Managing Director of Micro Investment Support Services Limited, and happily married to Dr. Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe and they are blessed with five children.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Ehiliz highlighted new grounds she has broken, what future holds and more…


How is your television programme Vivid View with Ehiliz on TVC doing?

In all sincerity, Vivid View is doing very well. The acceptance is amazing and encouraging. The feedback is very encouraging. I didn’t know TVC’s outreach is as far as Bauchi. I was surprised when a follower of the programme called me from Bauchi. We thank God for that singular achievement.

You vowed to drop an album every two years. The time has come for a new album from you, how ready are you?

I will not renege on my vow. By the special grace of God, I have nine albums and the 10th entitled, Heal Our Land will soon be ready. So many things have gone wrong in our country, Nigeria. Imagine people being beheaded in Rivers state, rampant killings across the country, abduction, kidnapping, massive corruption, brutality, etc. It’s a single which I had wished to direct to Christians but I was advised to direct the message to every Nigerian. By October, the album will drop with more songs.

What are the new things coming from your stable?

We’ve opened a new dimension of our winning souls for Christ. Last month, I staged a gospel show at Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area and the turnout was huge. On May 1, 2016, the train will move to Ajegunle, Nollyfans Entertainment Media will present Gospel Love with Ehiliz at Ajegunle.

I intend to cover all the local government areas in Lagos. It’s pertinent taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the slums and ghettos so that the downtrodden would be saved.

Jesus Christ started His earthly ministry with lowly fishermen and today He’s celebrated all over the world.

I’m also looking at Vivid View magazine and Vivid View Television. The Ajegunle show is Praises on High with soul lifting worship, acapella, etc. There will be drama and dance, featuring Pastor Dolly, Healing Stream Noble House Choir, etc.

Between your television talkshow and music, which do you tilt to?

I would definitely tilt to music because that’s the best medium of praising God. He dwells in the praises of His people. Praise and worship moves the hand of God. As a matter of fact, there’s a very slim line between the talk show and my music. The talk show touches lives and restores family values. In any case, both are important but my music was on ground before Vivid View.

How are you coping with the high exchange rate and skyrocketing of prices of goods and services?

It has affected everybody like a plague. Even the CDs we print have been affected. Studio fee has been hiked. To power the generator is something else. The prices of petroleum products have gone up, that’s if you see to buy. The whole place is chaotic but we pray God will heal our nation, He will trouble those that are troubling it.

We’re really in a big problem. We should find a way to stabilize the exchange rate. People should be encouraged to get back to the farm. You can create a garden in your backyard to support your kitchen. You can have a family poultry for support. If we all have these little support, it would go a long way in easing expenses. We should begin to look inwards, patronize Nigerian made goods and the demand for foreign currencies would drop.

What is your assessment of APC led government?       

I have every reason to believe President Buhari is standing alone in the fight against corruption. Let’s give him some time, he will deliver. We shouldn’t expect magic from him considering the magnitude of the mess left for him by Jonathan. We should be patient. He’s not the type that loves talking too much.

He is working underground. His aides and lieutenants should share in his vision, and mission and corporate with him. If for nothing else, Buhari has dislodged Boko Haram. The insurgents have been sacked from Nigerian territories they occupied. Let’s give him some time, he will deliver.

The Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Kachikwu should be asked never to tell Nigerians that petroleum products scarcity will last till end of May. That is reckless and discouraging. As a minister, he should always encourage the citizenry, not the other way round.


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