Gospeller Favour Imafidon out with Do it for me

Favour Imafidon is a budding gospel artiste. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the lanky fair lady opened up on why she opted for gospel music instead of the money spinning secular music and more.


Why are you into gospel music when you know that secular music artistes make much more money?

Money alone can’t give you joy and satisfaction. Nothing can be compared to having God in your life. I really want to sing to God in appreciation of life He gave me. Nothing is more precious than life. Moreover, life is not a right but a privilege. God owns life and He can take it at His own time.

How many of your works are on the street?

My first effort was badly managed that was why it didn’t fly. So, I had to go back to the drawing board and of course horned my skill. My latest effort is entitled Do it for me and according to feelers reaching me, it’s the real thing and doing well. I really thank God for doing it for me.

What do you intend to achieve by doing gospel music?

I really want to impress it on people how glorious and gracious the Almighty God is. I want people to understand that God inhabits in the praises of His people and how good God is. God does not need your money, house, food, clothes, etc, all He needs is your praise and worship.

How long have you been doing gospel music and how did you get there?

I’ve been in gospel music for a little over two years. A friend of mine heard me singing and praising God, there and then she insisted I should take it to another level. That was how the journey began.

Are you doing gospel music full time?

No, not full time.

Aside music, what else do you do?

I do business on a small scale, buying and selling. I don’t want to be professional housewife.

Why should I listen to favour Imafidon’s gospel music?

You should listen to my music because it’s all about the goodness of Jehovah Elshaddai. His store house is open 24/7, The All Sufficient God. I just can’t praise Him enough.

Do you play any music instrument?

I don’t for now, but very soon I will begin to play the keyboard, God willing.

You’re preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with your music, how prepared are you for His second coming?

By the special grace of God, I will be in good standing to meet Him. No man can do it alone. It’s not by power or might, it’s by His grace.

Is your adventure into gospel music paying the bills?

As a beginner, money is yet to come. The acceptant of my latest effort, Do it for me, gives me great joy. Money will come as at when due. The appreciation of Do it for me is mind blowing.

Who is Favour Imafidon?

I’m from Igbanke, the Igbo speaking area of Edo State. I’m the last born of a family of four children.

Is your husband supportive?

My husband is really supportive. He wants the best for me. He’s my soulmate for life.

How are you coping with the recession?

By the special grace of God, He has been providing for us. He’s our Provider, Comforter and Redeemer. But in all sincerity, the Nigerian economy is in shambles. Something has to be done fast.

How do you think we can banish this horrendous economic recession?

We should all go back to God. Our country needs cleansing as soon as possible.

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