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GOV. SULLIVAN CHIME, wife, CLARA in house arrest drama

–    Enugu State Govt. Reacts

 A melodrama is unfolding at the Enugu State Government House, with the First Lady, Mrs. Clara Chime alleging that her hubby (Governor Sullivan Chime) is subjecting her to psychological torture.  She also reportedly claimed she is in a kind of house arrest!

According to an online portal, Clara has already allegedly petitioned human rights groups pleading with them to urge Governor Chime to release her from house arrest he imposed on her.

In the said painful letter she allegedly sent out, Clara disclosed that she married Chime in October 2008, but that she has been unable to share the matrimonial bed with him for over four years.

She further claimed that even President Goodluck Jonathan and the First Lady, Patience Jonathan have intervened in the matter without convincing her husband to make life easier for her.

She continued: “My father is late, my mom and few of my siblings are confused and have done all kinds of prayers they know of, three of my siblings prefer me dead than to see me leave the Government House.  He treats my mom and my siblings bad.”

The Enugu State first lady also said in the letter that she has been introduced to two psychiatrists whose names she gave as Dr. Onwukwe and Dr. Agumo, who have prescribed “all kinds of drugs that ended up keeping me depressed and also drives me into hallucinations.”

She noted that the doctors are scared of her husband, to whom nobody can tell the truth.

According to the letter, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu (Callistus Onaga) and top priests have equally intervened in the matter without any useful fruit.

The first lady also complained that Governor Chime has ordered her to leave with her four-year old son. However, Chime, according to her, later threatened to disown the boy should she leave with him.  “He has told everyone he can reach that there is no marriage between us, that I can leave if I wish to.  But whenever I plan to leave, he instructs them to lock me in.  I have told him through SMS that I will leave my son behind and leave alone but still he instructed his securities to lock me inside the house.”

The Enugu first lady, in the shocking letter, further allegedly stated she has lost touch with the real world and all that make her beautiful because of the side effects of the drugs she is taking.

Clara insisted she is under house arrest for committing no crime.

“He does not take care of me personally, the government gives me allowance to run the house and that is where I save little to take care of myself, my mom and few of my siblings,” Mrs. Clara Chime said in the letter.

She further claimed she has since been shut out of the governor’s life with no access to his apartment.

“The problem is enormous. I don’t know where to start to explain.”  The Enugu first lady said that even the security detail in the lodge has resorted to praying for her, while the few that can be bought with money are taking advantage of the situation.

“Police and SSS men have been instructed by my husband to confine me in a place for a long time now against my will but it is my wish to leave these premises.  So, please assist me to reach the human rights community and tell them to please come hastily and release me.”

But in a swift reaction, the Enugu State Government has described the story as false and an attempt to blackmail the governor, Barrister Sullivan Chime.  In a statement by the Commissioner for Information and Culture, Mr. Chucks Ugwuoke, he advised the public to be wary of malicious reports being circulated by enemies of the state.  Ugwuoke, however, didn’t respond to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s phone call on Sunday, November 3, 2013, to authenticate the statement credited to the state government.  He also shunned our SMS.

Relatedly, Enugu citizens and aides of Governor Chime have equally dismissed the report as ‘super story,’ meaning it is not true.  In a flurry of comments on the internet, they challenged those behind the story to publish the letter Mrs. Chime purportedly wrote to human rights groups.  They explained that the first lady has been attending to her official functions even up till last week when the report of her house arrest went viral.

We were told there is total freedom in the Lion Building, Chime’s office and the Governor’s Lodge in the coal city.

Governor Chime’s supporters, therefore, labeled those who originated the story blackmailers of the highest order.

One aggrieved Chime man summed it up this way: “The story is not true.  Ask anyone in the political circles in Enugu, and they will tell you that Governor Chime and his wife, the First Lady are no different  than any other couple.  They have been attending public functions together as latest as last weekend.  Mrs. Chime is fine and happy.  Gov. Chime is healthy and okay.  This is the handiwork of the enemies of the Chime family. It is a pity!

Despite this partially convincing defence, the public still want the first lady to speak for herself and assure the world she is not living in bondage as being bandied in town.

Sullivan Chime, a divorcee with grown up children before he married Clara (who hails from Abia State) in 2008, has always been in the news.

From a life-threatening cancer ailment that kept him out of Government House for almost a year to unprintable stories that border on his private life, the lawyer turned politician has never been spared by rumour mongers, newsmen and indeed the critical public. Now, the governor who had been reported dead thrice, is now said to be maltreating his wife, who allegedly petitioned human rights groups, claiming Chime placed her under house arrest.



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