7411 National Directory, the one-stop information supermarket that promises to change the way Nigerians live has been approved by the Nigeria Communication Commissions (NCC).

Already hailed as the miracle of the Nigeria’s journey towards achieving the millennium developmental goals (MDGs), 7411 National Directory was developed by Enviroque Technologies and is being operated around the country by a company called 411ng.com.

Both technology companies have been known for pioneering innovations.

Theoretically, the service known as the 7411 Bureau of Better Business Information is 200 times faster and broader than using the internet or paper director.

Desmond Okeowo, promoter of the company, said that 7411 National Bureau of Better Business Information opens doors to vast unlimited resources available in Nigeria for Nigerians”

The importance of 7411 National Directory is that it connects everyone in a country to everything they desire in the country at the touch of a button.

This is about one hundred times faster than browsing through web pages or flipping through huge paper booklets as every information is delivered via interactive speech.

That’s the killer app for direct information in Nigeria.

However, teams of information and data analyst have just begun collating and sorting day to day raw data to enable intrinsic growth that will not only see Nigeria developing from within, but also offer peace of mind over the facts that average citizens can now be sure and have direct access to verified sources of information.

7411 Data guru, who also co-authored the development added, “I wonder how many surprises 7411 National Directory keeps in store. This one is a valuable invention coming out of the blues.”

The surprises are likely to continue for some time. 411ng.com just revealed in January 2014, that it had made digital expansions that will take over 10 million calls from Nigerians and process them at the speed of light, offering free return back SMS to aid clarity of information given out.

Another key area for 7411 National Directory is to revolutionize our world in the way we share and process developmental data.

“Researchers at the bureau have already demonstrated clear incredible speed of gathering useful data that will help develop Nigeria as a necessary back bone”, Okeowo.

At present, all major languages are represented on the platform.

There is further room for expansion to cater for Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish and German languages.

Other uses of the 7411 National Directory are myriad. There are also multitudes of applications on the platforms – medical, employment, aerospace, chemical and industrial processes, NAFDAC approved drugs, job finders, Genuine Blood Banks and Standard Organization checks are areas enhanced by dialing 7411.

It could also revolutionize the way we live around assumptions. If you don’t know it, dial it – 7411.

The 7411 National Directory is new. It’s already being used as an add on material in daily matchmaking.

“We want to use 7411 Directory to help develop people and increase the knowledge base of Nigerians around the world.

“Using the 7411 National Directory as a completely transparent companion, a caller can have world class experience.

“The aim is to create trust among Nigerians and offer hope to the people. You can call now to authenticate anything. Expect revolutionary new designs such as first aid emergency advice called ”just before  you call the doctor,” business development opportunities, and registering new business.”

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