Graduate wins car in Gulder Ultimate Promo, other winners celebrate as Gulder painted Enugu red (2)

‘A lot of people encouraged me to participate’ – CHRISTIAN NICHOLAS

Christian Nicholas is a 25 year old professional footballer. He speaks on his experience. He won a brand new home theatre.

How did you get to know about the Gulder Ultimate Promo?

I’ve been hearing about the Gulder Ultimate Promo on radio. Some of my people called me and told me about it; so I was getting my crown corks ready. I was in the church when I was called that the Gulder Chase is today. I quickly left what I was doing and rushed here believing God that I will win something. Fortunately for me, though it was a tough journey, but I held on to my God and said in as much as I will complete this journey, it will be to the glory of God’s name. And I was approaching Okpara Square from the stadium, I was praying to God to show me what to win. Immediately I got to the OkparaSquare, a voice asked me to go left. The first box I picked was this Home Theatre and I asked God if I should take any further step and he told me to go with the car, that if I take any further step, I will miss everything. So I decided to clinch on to what I got.

So you didn’t even bother going for the grand prize which is the brand new car?

No. If I had gone for the car, I would have gone home with nothing

What do you have to say to Gulder?

Honestly I appreciate Gulder. The brand really did well for us. They threw it very open. Everybody was saying it that there is no partiality in the organisation of the promo. Honestly, I came without any plan that I will go back with something like this. Because I never knew the gifts involved. But honestly on coming here, I’m filled up with joy. I can’t express myself in words. To God be the glory. I want to tell Gulder to keep on pushing forward to motivate and encourage the young ones and the talented ones. This home theatre is a plus for the family.


‘Some of my friends told me it was a fraud’ – OZOALOR CHIDIEBERE

Ozoalor Chidiebere, a 24 year old graduate and farmer stated he won a generator, courtesy Gulder, when he needed it the most. However, he nearly missed it as some friends initially told him it was a fraud.

How did you hear about the promo?

I drink Gulder. One day I was at the bar I saw the flyer so I started discussing about it with my friends. I said I am going to drive the car. At a point in time, I was discouraged by friends who told me they had already given out the car, that it’s a fraudulent exercise. I live close to 9th Mile near the Ama Brewery, so I approached one of the staff and he told me it was going to be real, that it was going to hold in a transparent manner in the presence of everyone present. That encouraged me. That’s why I came.

So is it now real or not?

It is real.

When you came, did you have hopes of winning anything?

I came here with an open mind and I was ready to accept whatever comes.

Now that you won the generator, how do you feel?

I feel so good. The generator came when I needed it. My brother and I just moved into a new apartment and we are having electricity challenges where we stay. We didn’t have a generator, we were planning on how to buy a generator. Now here is the generator.

I’m going to remain a Gulder fan. I wanted to work for Nigerian Breweries Plc., but it’s not just working. I’ve gone twice to Lagos with the hope of getting a job as a Sales Executive but I’m still hopeful. I will like to work with Nigerian Breweries Plc., I will like to work where the Gulder is produced.


‘I didn’t want to come initially’ – NWIZU SOLOMON

Nwizu Ebuka Solomon, a 21 year old DJ, won a brand new LED TV set.

What did you win?

I won a flat screen TV and I am so happy because I never knew I would be coming here. I woke up this morning and I had the six crown corks. I told myself that too many people will come here for the promo. Something told me to just come here and try my luck, that there is nothing bad in trying and I came here and I won. I thank Gulder for everything. It’s a very good prize for participating.

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