Graduate wins car in Gulder Ultimate Promo, other winners celebrate as Gulder painted Enugu red


An undergraduate awaiting his call up for the mandatory NYSC programme won a brand new Hyundai Elantra in the on-going Gulder National Consumer Promotion. He beat hundreds of other contestants to clinch the top prize in the promo, which is regarded as Nigeria’s Biggest National Consumer Promotion.

As early as 6am on Saturday, September 26, eager contestants began to line-up at the NnamdiAzikiwe Stadium for a chance to participate in the 2015 edition of the Gulder Promo. They had no idea about the activity involved. All they knew was that they had been instructed to bring six Gulder crown corks marked ‘Ultimate Chase’ to the stadium, without any idea of the kind of activity that they would be involved in.

The registration soon started and the presence of a medical team soon gave them a hint that they may be involved in a physical activity. As those considered unfit were turned back, the word soon spread that they would have to run a distance. Some who felt they could not cope with the exercise willingly dropped out.

The cat was soon let out of the bag by Michael Nwachukwu, a past winner of Gulder Ultimate Search. The successfully registered and screened contestants were required to make the distance from the NnamdiAzikiwe Stadium to Michael Okpara Square and locate specially designed Gulder Chests. Inside the chests were two scrolls; one which had the picture of gift items and the other which ordered them to continue in their quest for the brand new car. The catch was this: if they opted to chase for the car, they would lose the opportunity of winning any gift item. And if they chose to go for the gift item, they would lose the opportunity to go for the car.

At the end of the game, Chinedu Odimgbe emerged the winner after he located the chest which had the car keys in it. He went with his car immediately, but not before he was accorded royal treatment as he was given a presidential ride through landmark sites in Enugu. He was in the middle of an entourage which had the full complement of outriders and siren-mounted escorts.

Asides the grand prize, 200 of the participants went home with mobile phones, Galaxy Tabs, Generators, rechargeable fans and so on.

“I was aiming for a Tab” – Car Prize Winner, CHINEDU

Chinedu, whose mother is late, but dad is still alive, shares his feelings in this interview.

What is your name?

Chinedu Odimgbe.

How old are you?

I am 23 years old.

What do you do?

I just finished school. Waiting for youth service.

What did you study?

I studied Civil Engineering.

Which institution?

Enugu State University of Science & Technology (ESUT)

Tell us a bit about your family?

My dad is still alive, he is a lecturer at the Madonna University, Okija, Anambra State, but my mum has passed away. I have a brother and two sisters.

How did you hear about the promo?

I’ve been following Gulder since the Gulder Ultimate Search. I also follow Gulder on FaceBook. That’s where I saw the advert which had the information about the venue and the date. Then I went and trained hard because I was determined to make a success out of this consumer promotion.

What kind of training did you engage in?

I was jogging every morning and doing other forms of exercises like “sitting in the air”, planking and others, just to stay fit.

So you trained strictly because of this promo?

Yes, strictly because of this promo.

Did you have the foreknowledge of the exercise regime for this promo?

No I didn’t. But I’ve been to the audition of the Gulder Ultimate Search though I wasn’t successful. So I’ve seen the kind of activities that prospects have to undergo. I just imagined that what we would do today may not be far from what obtains at the regional selection exercises.

Which of the regional selections did you go to?

The 2014 regional audition in Awka.

At what stage did you drop out?

I dropped out at the swimming stage. I didn’t know how to swim then, but now I know how to swim.

When you arrived and you saw the crowd, did you think you were going to make it?   

Actually, last year when I went for the Gulder Ultimate Search regional trials, my heart skipped several beats when I saw the crowd. But after I passed the first stage, it became normal to me. When I came today, although it was another state, I had the feeling that we would be engaged in similar exercises, so I didn’t have that fear, but I was nervous when I saw the crowd, but that is also a normal reaction.

But when we started the race, I saw people dropping. I was determined never to give up. As people slowed down, I started pacing up and I joined the top 40. Then when we got to Okpara Square, I was the fifth person. Then I searched for the clue according to the instructions of Michael Nwachukwu. Then I solved the riddle that took me to the Gatekeeper.

Then I saw about two or three guys running ahead of me to the Gatekeeper. I followed them. After the Gatekeeper saw our riddles, he told me to take a map. I took the map. Meanwhile, two guys were ahead of me and they already started searching. But I had to relax and studied the map carefully.

I saw where a box was that was marked near a tree, and I knew immediately that the box would be located near a tree. I had to locate the tree and knew immediately that the key to the brand new car would be there. Luckily, I got to the tree first, I saw a box there, I opened it and I saw the key. That was how it went down.

Did you think you would win?

Actually, I didn’t I would win seriously. But I was determined never to give up. I believe that’s why I won.

Which of the prizes was your initial target?

Actually, I was hoping to get the Galaxy Tab. I told myself, if I get this Galaxy Tab, then I am okay. But when I got to Okpara Square, I saw that I was among the first 50 people. So there was no need, so I had to push further. I was the only person that got a prize out of everybody that ran to try the possibility of getting the first prize. It is somehow tricky, when you are among the first 50 and there is only one gift at stake for the grand prize winner and the rest won’t get anything. So you just have to decide there whether you are going to step back or you are going to move forward. I decided to move forward and I was lucky.

How do you feel owning a brand new car?

I am very happy, I feel very great. I actually can’t express my feelings in words. I will keep drinking Gulder. Gulder is the best. This is real. This is not fake.

Have you called your dad to share the good news?

I have not spoken to my dad. But my brother has broken the good news to him over the phone. But I will get to do that after celebrating.


I started looking for crown corks by 6am 

– OKONKWO HUMPHREY, winner of a rechargeable fan

How did you get to know about the promo?

I helped in the set-up of this place yesterday at the Stadium. So I asked what they were doing and somebody told me they were doing marathon race. But nobody told me about the crown corks marked ‘Ultimate Chase’ which we were meant to bring to the stadium.

So I came there early in the morning by 6am, I was told I had to bring in six crown corks, I had to start looking for ‘Ultimate Chase’ crown corks that early in the morning. I was able to find three crown corks and someone else gave me 3 crown corks, hence I was able to enter for the draws. I knew I would win something because God is with me. I feel very, very happy winning this prize. I am so excited.

‘Gulder Is Changing Lives’ – ODOH CHUKWMA

1-20150926_123731Odoh Emmanuel Chukwuma, a 400 Level student of the University of Nigeria who participated in the Chase, had his dreams of getting a brand new phone answered by Gulder. He won a Galaxy Tab 3 in the Chase.

Can you describe how you feel?

Gulder should be appreciated. Gulder is doing it well because for years Gulder has been helping many Nigerians, changing their stories. The young man who won the grand prize of a brand new car is probably from an average home. In my own case, I was using a very low grade phone, but now I won this high end phone. This is a transformation. This is a good thing and I am very glad.

Was it the first prize you picked?

No, I picked the helmet but I dropped it and opted for this prize.

So what you do with your soon to be old phone?

I will give it to my best friend.


‘I just jogged to the stadium only to win a brand new tab’  -GODWIN DANIEL

1-20150926_123748How did you hear about the promo?

I didn’t hear about it before today. Somebody came to wake me up this morning that we should go and play football, but I told him I wanted to play basketball at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, which later turned out to be the venue of the Gulder Ultimate Chase. I jogged from my house to the stadium, I didn’t take a cab. When I got here, I saw a crowd at the gate and I was told I can’t gain entrance if I don’t have six crown corks marked Ultimate Chase. I asked what was going on and I was told Gulder was organising a promo.

Then I saw someone who said he had 12 crown corks of Gulder and he gave me six. Then I went inside the stadium and went through the registration process. And at the end of the competition, here I am with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I’ve been planning to buy a big phone like this, but I didn’t have the funds. But God has done it. And I also want to thank Gulder for the gifts that they have given everyone of us that participated in this Chase.

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