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Grand Oak launches Swagga Bitter @ Valentine

GRAND Oak, makers of fine liquor, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, staged this year’s Valentine’s Day at Kingsize Bar & Restaurant, Oregun, Lagos, on Saturday, February 14, 2015.  The colourful and well attended event was primarily to introduce their new brand, Swagga Bitters and others to the public.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had interviews with the General Manager, Marketing, Brajesh Kumar; Brand Manager, Aksahay Kumar and Senior Brand Manager, Olayinka Amuwo.  The three top officers of Grand Oak spoke glowingly about their latest product, Swagga Bitters and more.


‘We are here to create awareness’

–               BRAJESH KUMAR, General Manager, Marketing



What was the motive behind this event?

First, Grand Oak office is very close to this venue and I would say we have a very good relationship with Kingsize Place.  So, we thought it is a good opportunity to introduce our brand to our consumers who come in here, especially our new brand, Swagga Bitters.  It is a good brand that comes with good herbal extracts and it is of Nigerian origin.  However, many people are not aware of this brand because it is quite new and this event will create a good opportunity to market the brand.

Why did you pick February 14?

This date was picked because we believe so many people would be celebrating here, people are expected to troop in and out of this place.  So, we made it an opportunity not only to introduce our brands to a large range of consumers but to create awareness about our new brand, Swagga Bitters.

This event was also organized last year, what makes this edition unique?

We have organized so many events across the country and we decided to have one in Lagos because we are close-by, knowing full well that so many people would come out today.

What package do you have for your consumers who do not reside in Lagos?

It is not possible for us to go everywhere at the same time but our production level has reached a stage that we easily make these brands available to everyone once they are aware of it.

What are your plans for next year’s Valentine?

We want to continue associating with events and programmes across the country.  So, definitely next year, we would be involved in loads of activities and events


‘Our job is to make people feel good’

–               AKSAHAY KUMAR, Brand Manager



How do you feel about today’s event?

It is absolutely fantastic to see everybody in red and I am so happy to see many people happy today.

What does Valentine mean to you?

I would say I am missing my Valentine because she is not here.  But Valentine means the display of love and treating your loved one special.  We show love every day, not that we do not, but a day like this was made to specially spoil that special person.  It is also a clever way for ladies to get men to do extra shopping for them.

Which is your most memorable Valentine ever?

Every Valentine is always special and memorable for me.

What special thing can you say about your spouse?

She is very special.  She is the mother of my children and she supports me all the time which makes her absolutely special.

What can you say about the brands, Calypso, Swagga Bitters, etc?

They are products that get you in the mood, products to make you perform well, products that would help you remain friends with people around and they are also a bit traditional as you can take them to your elders or for blessings.  So, we have a wide range of products that are very traditional.  Our job is to make people feel good about themselves, their partners and their friends.

How did you come about Swagga Bitters?

It is a fantastic product that has the best herbs.  You see a lot of bitters in the market but Swagga Bitters does what other bitters can do and even more than that.  It has a great mix of herbal ingredient from Ghana and I am very happy with the response of the market so far.  I am also very happy to say that all the people who have used it always come back for more which is a very good feedback.

Who are your target audience for this new product?

Our target are the young people who want to have good time because most young people understand the value of good and memorable time today not tomorrow because they will become old.  At the same time, it is something that works for everybody.  Maybe not very young but the middle age, between the ages of 25 and 45 and slightly older, people who have lived a good life and they understand the value.  They don’t buy the product because of the price but because it is good for them.  Swagga Bitters is absolutely fantastic.

Does Swagga Bitters have any health benefits?

Yes, it contains anti-malaria ingredients which also make it a medicinal product.  We have consumers who testified to this and come back for more.

What other products should be expected from you?

Swagga Bitters itself has a range of ingredients, it has Schinapps, gin, bitters and we have few more products coming under Swagga Bitters.  I can’t tell you which one because it is confidential.  Just know that you will get whatever you need to enhance your mood.


‘Valentine is to renew and share love’

–               JOHN AJAYI, Grand Oak Consultant



What do you feel about this event?

It is a good way for couples to appreciate themselves and share what they have in common through entertainment.  Certainly, it is a very exciting event.

What does Valentine mean to you?

Valentine is a day to renew and share love.  Also, show love to people around you not only to your spouse.  It’s a special day for humanity to celebrate love.

Tell us your most memorable Valentine.

Every Valentine has been memorable.

What special thing can you say about your spouse?

So many special things, not just one but it’s about the love that binds us.  She is very special.

Which of Grand Oak’s products is your favourite and why?

All their products are my favourite.  I am a consultant to Grand Oak.  I love their apperito, Swagga Bitters, etc.


‘We love to meet people at different levels’

–               OLAYINKA AMUWO, Senior Brand Manager



What informed this occasion?

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a worldwide celebration of love where people come together to share love, fun and happy time. We at Grand Oak are makers of quality products like Swagga Bitters, Calypso Coconut Liquor, Apperitto.  We are a company known for supporting right lifestyle.  So, it is just a perfect blend to support Valentine’s Day with these drinks.  We are here today to let couples share their fun moments with exciting mixes of drinks and to share memorable time.

Are you celebrating in order to uplift your brand?

We are here to let people enjoy themselves.  Like I said, Grand Oak is the maker of quality products/liquor and we pride ourselves as a lifestyle company that supports great lifestyle. So, when people are celebrating, we are celebrating as well. Some of our great products are Seaman’s Schinapps, St. Lauren Wine, Bacchus Tonic Wine, and they meet people at different points of their celebrations.

Would this be an annual event?

Yes, with Kingsize Bar, and so many other bars out there.

What other offers do you have for your consumers outside Lagos?

For those who are not in Lagos, we are engaging them through the social media where they are allowed to post messages to their lovers and friends in order to win special branded products from Swagga Bitters.

This event was organized last year, what makes it different this year?

This year is different because last year, we were at a garden at Ikotun, Lagos, but we decided to bring it to the heart of Lagos because we love to meet with people at different levels.  Also, last year we only had one brand celebrating love and this year we have three powerful brands.  So, it keeps getting better and better.





AT the wonderful Valentine party organised by Grand Oak Limited, Mr. Stanley Ejike took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend of over a year, Ijeoma, who could not control her emotions and excitement.



So, how do you feel today?

I feel great.  I am very happy.  I wasn’t expecting this at all.

What do you have to say about your partner?

He is loving, he is everything I ever wanted in a man.  I thank God for bringing us together.

How long have you been together?

A year and some months.

What was that thing that attracted you to him?

He is hard working and caring.  He is also friendly.

What does Valentine mean to you?

I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to share love, help the needy, but this day will be memorable for me because I got engaged.

How will your parents take this news, when you get home?

They will be surprised and happy.

When do you intend getting married?

Very soon.



Why did you pick today to propose and not any other day?

Because today is a special day and today talks about love.

How were you able to pull all the stunt?

I love her so much.  She is the best lady I have ever met and I have been looking for a way to propose to her, so I decided to do it today because today is special.

What attracted you to her?

She is hard working, honest and beautiful.


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