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Green tea far better than coffee

Drinking green tea improves your health. It is fast becoming the best tea for nutritionists and health-conscious people,  and shown to have health benefits and way better than taking regular tea or coffee.

Matcha tea, a type of green tea made in powered form, has been particularly known to give a healthier ‘morning pick-me-up’ feeling that coffee wouldn’t give you. The green tea, made in Japan, like most green teas, are made from Camellia sinensis. The plants are shaded away from the sun between the time when the new leaf shoots start to appear and when they are picked.

According to research, there’s a lot to gain when one indulges in drinking green tea. Studies have shown that catechins in green tea help protect the nerve cells and reduce decline in brain function. It helps with memory loss, particularly in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking green tea helps in boosting metabolism and weight loss. It supports weight loss by increasing calorie burning, increase in fat oxidation and reduce appetite.

Interestingly, green tea reduces bad breath by keeping the teeth and gums healthily. Findings show that green tea have anti-bacterial activity against several bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay. It serves as a form of mouth wash – reducing plaque and gum disease. Its natural disinfectant and deodorant activities help reduce bad breath.

Green tea is useful to our bone strength too. Studies found out that drinking green tea, especially the Japanese matcha tea builds the bone strength and prevent bone loss. It speeds up the healing process of a broken bone.

In a study of 60 women aged 40 to 65, half the women were given green tea and the other half other drinks every day over a total of 12 weeks. The skin of those who drank green tea had 25 percent less redness in reaction to a dose of ultraviolet radiation than those who didn’t.

Women who drank the green tea had improvements in their skin elasticity and reduction in roughness and scaling.

Taking green tea has a major role to play in reducing skin aging.  Swap your coffee for a matcha tea or other green teas to feel more alert and healthy all day long!


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