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Grief-stricken Josh Thompson marries dead girlfriend

22 year-old tennis coach, Josh Thompson while working in Corfu learnt of the death of student girlfriend, Abigail Hall, 18, after she suddenly collapsed less than a week on resumption in university.

Devastated, Josh flew to Abigail’s parent home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and asked for her hand in marriage.  He and a friend, Joshua Hall went ahead to select a wedding ring, he put the ring on her finger and announced online, ‘Abigail Hall and I are now engaged.  She is my life.’

He revealed his plan of proposing next year and their future plans. 

Touched by this show of affection and love, friends and family commended his action after expressing their shock on the sudden news of Abigail’s death on Wednesday, September 23.  Her body was discovered by South Yorkshire Police at 7.35 p.m in her flat at Shoreham Street, Sheffield.

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