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I have these lovely collections of maxims about life that I read whenever I am very happy or gloomy.  I draw inspiration afresh every once in a while.  And one of the pieces I can’t get over is ‘Groom yourself like a race horse!’

mens-essential(grooming urself)And every time I catch a glimpse of how devoted and dedicated race horse carers are, I marvel.  Race horses are treated so well that if human beings pay half as much attention to themselves, they would be in top shape and form.  The process of washing and grooming race horses is a study in love.  Carers practically live for their horses –attending to their every need.

That’s how we are supposed to treat ourselves –from head to toe as if we are being prepared for the race of our lives.

Body washed and nurtured, hair pruned and cut, toes cut and filed, teeth brushed and mouth sweetened, body dried, moisturised and perfumed…

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